Tuesday, May 26, 2009

kwento nating dalawa oh

Yey! This is the second part of Juday-Ryan wedding. Hindi ko alam na may part 2 pala wedding special nila kasi for the nth time wala akong tv.I'm not updated dude! Thanks to my ever dearest friend Mike.He informed me na may part 2 pa and it's another fun wedding special. So guys, just wanna share this to all of you. I want this kind of wedding-the concept na masaya at walang drama kasi puro drama na buhay ko e.hahaha. This is the best celebrity wedding I've ever seen.ever!(hindi ako bias ha).whatever jing!haha. I've also seen Bons-fred wedding teaser.ang ganda pati.:=)

Enjoy! :=D

PART 1 OF 10

PART 2 OF 10

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