Friday, June 26, 2009

color splash




i wear purple




like Ben...

I really feel sad knowing that the king of pop MIchael Jackson is dead. Hindi man ako ganon ka vocal of saying that I'm a fan of MJ but I do admire and love his music. He's a great singer, his voice is mesmerizing. No one can ever replace him. He had contributed so much in the music industry. He's an all-around performer and his songs inspire us all. I remember when I was small, whenever I'm sad I used to listen to his song's my father's favorite song also.Now, that I'm listening to it, makes me cry. I never cried for an artist's death before...ngayon lng... i dunno basta i feel sad talaga. May he rest in peace.

You are a star MJ. you'll always be in our hearts and your music will remain beautiful and inspiring! Thank you.

here's my favorite Michael Jackson song.

...if they had a friend like Ben...

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

women in their glory

When I was a kid I really really wanted to be like them.
* I want to wear their clothes esp. Victoria's.
* I want to dance and sing in front of the crowd.
* I want to influence people through music.

Oh Lord I wish I could also ...


Here's my favorite of all tv series. I love it 'coz it tackles social relevant issues like safe sex, heartbreaks, partners, friendship, love,life, multiple partners etc. I so so miss the series. Been waiting for sex and the city the movie part 2.

... and I forgot to mention, they're so funny!!!


Wednesday, June 17, 2009


this is funny or mababaw lang kaligayahn ko.pero nakakatawat talaga.try nyo watch. :)

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

batangas road trip

Last June 12, 2009 we decided to hit the roads of Batangas.


parking lot - rob

te pam and hanie

spirits free

erikikik's bday

what : Eric's birthday
when : June 6, 2009
where: Roy's rooftop - Taft, Manila


Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We had a big fight last night and this morning. When he left, I found myself making this...


Monday, June 1, 2009

Sine Direk

As I was browsing my YES! magazine I found this feature about indie films-- sine direk. It's a series of 6 out-of-the-box movies of different genres, written and directed by respected and looked upon filmmakers. These films include Fushia by Joel Lamangan, Ded na si Lolo by Soxie Topacio, Litsonero by Lore Reyes, Agaton and Mindy by Peque Gallaga, Kamoteng kahoy by Maryo J. de los Reyes and Bente by Mel Chiionglo. I immediately ran into youtube for trailers.
At ito ang mga nagustuhan ko among the 6 films.

Ded na si lolo

Na-entertain ako sa trailer na to. It's comedy plus drama. I love Roderick Paulate's gay role here.Ever since naman humahanga na ako sa galing nya.

Agaton & Mindy

Thanks to mike for this trailer din. Iba ito.It's a combination of young love story and social issues. I love it kasi it's mejo sensual.

kamoteng kahoy

Remember the news about an old woman who accidentally puts insecticide in the maruyang kamoteng kahoy that she cooks and sells to kids in Bohol? Yes, this is a true story friend. This is not just about the tragic event pero it's more on paano nakapag move-on ang mga tao sa town na yun...forgiveness is the answer. Old woman was played by Gloria Romero.