Friday, June 26, 2009

like Ben...

I really feel sad knowing that the king of pop MIchael Jackson is dead. Hindi man ako ganon ka vocal of saying that I'm a fan of MJ but I do admire and love his music. He's a great singer, his voice is mesmerizing. No one can ever replace him. He had contributed so much in the music industry. He's an all-around performer and his songs inspire us all. I remember when I was small, whenever I'm sad I used to listen to his song's my father's favorite song also.Now, that I'm listening to it, makes me cry. I never cried for an artist's death before...ngayon lng... i dunno basta i feel sad talaga. May he rest in peace.

You are a star MJ. you'll always be in our hearts and your music will remain beautiful and inspiring! Thank you.

here's my favorite Michael Jackson song.

...if they had a friend like Ben...

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