Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I woke up early this morning to do some errands. I decided to wear this buttoned blouse I bought from the thrift store. At first I hesitated to buy this because of its dirty white color and believe me it was super dirty with all stains in the world.haha.oa. But since It costs only 5php I decided to buy it. Got nothing to lose nmn e. I soaked it with zonrox. And then there goes the result. I'm glad it turned out well. Back to its original color. Everything except my shoes is from thrift stores.






toxic disco boy said...

chos! ganda!

xyxo loco said...

dude saan to? particularly yung picture mo sa may parang quarterpipe na masarap laruan ng skateboard? where is this?

Jing Ocay said...

sa main library ng up.elbi