Sunday, August 30, 2009

just another session

Last night, I went out with "the gang". As always, it was a blast. We had dinner at Teriyaki Boy. It's a Japanese dining restaurant in Eastwood. The foods were delicious and I ate my favorite Japanese food, California Maki. It was fun fun fun! Photo bliss at Libis. :)






Beer session after dinner. :)



Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday delight

Delight, by definition means someone/something that provides a source of happiness. And these are the things that made me happy today.

1.) my ukay finds - My bag costs 280php but i got it for only 90php. My top and my skirt are also my ukay finds from Lucena.

2.) quality time with bibs - It's a looonnnggg weekend for me but not for Jonathan. He's really busy. Can you imagine, even on holidays, he is still working??? Only on Sundays that he can have his day off and so we make sure that we spend quality time every Sunday.

3.) The last house on the left (2009) - a good suspense/thriller movie.
If bad people hurt someone you love, how far would you go to hurt them back?- tagline of the movie

4.) laundries done! YAHOO for that!




Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"25 random things about me" daw

This list has been spreading on the internet. And I enjoy reading other people's random things. While making my own list, I realized enjoy pala talaga xang gawin... kaya eto..

1.) when i was a kid, i'm a fast runner. We used to race with my cousins and im always the winner.(my cousins are boys.hihi)
2.) i got my "peklats" from the "tambutso" of my father's motorcycle. And i really want them removed by hook or by crook.
3.) The worst thing i did to my sister was that I punched her on her face.until now im still haunted by it.
4.) i love egggssss. I can eat a dozen of eggs a day.
5.) in elementary, i gave my "yema for sale" to my long time crush for FREE just to know his crush. gaga me. haha
6.) i still keep my love letters, birthday cards, etc...
7.) i'm a fan of juday but i don't keep posters of her.
8.) i want lea salonga to sing my wedding song. wishful thinking. haha
9.) i'd rather wash clothes than wash plates .(noon)
10.) i don't don't don't like squids.
11.) my craziest dream is to have a concert at araneta.illusionada.
12.) i fear heights
13.) im a self-confessed ukay-ukay addict.
14.) i want to live and work in new york city.
15.) i had two accidents when i was small that caused "singkaw" in my both arms.the first one was in the kitchen and the other was at the chapel.
16.) i love to travel no matter how far it may be. I don't get tired of traveling and traveling and traveling...
17.) i can't sleep without an electric fan even if it's cold.
18.) i hated my butt when i was in elementary. i wished my butt be lessen and removed.but that was before...
19.) as a kid, i used to love eating rice with milo/ovaltine with lots of sugar
20.) I've never been confined to the hospital.thanks God
21.) i hate perfumes. my head aches whenever i smell perfumes.
22.) i have a bad habit of "nasusuka".
23.) i hate pets.'di ko kayang mg-alaga ng cguro pede. hehe
24.) i think i could be a successful businesswoman.haha
25.) i'm an alternative music person.

Enjoy making your own list too. ;)

btw, I would like to show you the other side of my reversible bag :)

Tuesday, August 18, 2009




Last Saturday, we went to Lucena to eat bulalo and to thrift. You guys should visit this place. Ukay items are all over the place. Durable and very cheap plus they are also branded items. I'm happy with my ukay finds especially this reversible red/gold bag.

Monday, August 17, 2009

cough, coughed, coughing...

I am not feeling well since yesterday.I've been coughing really hard and my throat is so painful already.feeling ko gasgas na gasgas na lalamunan ko. I can't talk.well, I can but you have to move closer so you can hear anything.I vomit a lot. Everything that I've eaten was thrown up. Last night I asked Jonathan to buy me a siopao, royal orange and medicine. He had to go out at the middle of the night.pero sinuka ko lahat. im so sorry bibs, I know you efforted this just to make me well.

I blame myself for shouting and yelling yesterday at PAKUSGANAY. It's a sportsfest hosted by so so annoying organization in the world. well, you know who you are. I'm so irritated and pissed off sa forever DUMBNESS nila. hahay. By the way our team won in the happy and proud of them. I think the shouting yesterday worsen my condition today. huhu. Sana hindi na lang ako sumigaw. And I hope I can go back to work na rin. :(

My thrifted treasures for today:
green cropped blazer
green shoes
black sleeveless



Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today's our monthsary. Three months to go, it will be our 2nd anniversary! yey! I can't believe how we survived this relationship up to this day. And I thank God for that. He may not know this but bibs changed a lot of me. Before he came, I was this so dead bored and felt like giving up with all the problems that you could imagine. Now I'm full of life. Inspired to go back to who I am before. He always tells me that he's so lucky to have me but I'm a lot luckier to have him. He gave up everything just to be with me. He struggles so hard to have a better life here in the North and he did it. He is never complicated. He is never impatient. My mood swings and tantrums are out of this world but he tries to understand me most of the time. My love for you will never change bibs. Thank you for giving me strength and hope. I love you!

p.s. Bare with me being so cheesy in here. hehe. I just want to express what I'm feeling right now. :)

This is pinkett. My first ever stuffed toy from Jonathan. He gave it to me yesterday. Babae yan pero parang bading no? Love yan ni tito mike nya.haha

Yesterday, I had a chance to thrift at Batangas. Many stores were on sale. I purchased these green shoes. They're exactly what I'm looking for and I'm glad I found them. They're so poshy and comfy.


Thursday, August 6, 2009

swimming on a holiday

Yesterday was a holiday. We decided to go swimming and we're very lucky because there was no "bantay" so we took advantage of the pool. haha.

I wore this black dress thrifted by my dear friend Mikhael. It's a summer dress and can be worn with bikini or whatever summer piece. It costs only 15php.oha!




Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Ocay wears ukay

Before going to work, I asked Jonathan to pose for my blog.haha. I love his outfit today and I remember the jacket that he's wearing was a product of ukay-ukay. This man is addicted to Tayong Dalawa and he likes the character of Coco Martin. He bought this jacket because it reminded him of Coco.mygosh!so gay no? haha . I'm glad he cooperates to this crazy thing that I'm addicted to right now.

See him pose like he has never posed!

jacket : thrifted
polo : thrifted
pants : Jag
shoes : Dr. Martens



atan 3

Sunday, August 2, 2009

thrifted everything

Believe it or not, everything is thrifted. I love the bag so much. Everything costs less than a hundred, from earrings-shoes. So lucky to have them.yipee!




Saturday, August 1, 2009

night with igso

Last night I cancelled my work to attend UP Mindanawans' meeting. There were many issues to settle and as an ex-president I need to give helpful(sana) bits of advice. Then had a late dinner with the wangtiguls of UPM.

I decided to wear this sleeveless coat since it was cold last night (sleeveless=cold?haha.weird) and carried this thrifted shoulder bag I bought yesterday. The meeting was serious and fun as well. I love UP Mindanwans. I love you mga igso! go lang nang go.

red coat

ara n jing
with Aragwapa

with mga igso and bibs