Wednesday, August 19, 2009

"25 random things about me" daw

This list has been spreading on the internet. And I enjoy reading other people's random things. While making my own list, I realized enjoy pala talaga xang gawin... kaya eto..

1.) when i was a kid, i'm a fast runner. We used to race with my cousins and im always the winner.(my cousins are boys.hihi)
2.) i got my "peklats" from the "tambutso" of my father's motorcycle. And i really want them removed by hook or by crook.
3.) The worst thing i did to my sister was that I punched her on her face.until now im still haunted by it.
4.) i love egggssss. I can eat a dozen of eggs a day.
5.) in elementary, i gave my "yema for sale" to my long time crush for FREE just to know his crush. gaga me. haha
6.) i still keep my love letters, birthday cards, etc...
7.) i'm a fan of juday but i don't keep posters of her.
8.) i want lea salonga to sing my wedding song. wishful thinking. haha
9.) i'd rather wash clothes than wash plates .(noon)
10.) i don't don't don't like squids.
11.) my craziest dream is to have a concert at araneta.illusionada.
12.) i fear heights
13.) im a self-confessed ukay-ukay addict.
14.) i want to live and work in new york city.
15.) i had two accidents when i was small that caused "singkaw" in my both arms.the first one was in the kitchen and the other was at the chapel.
16.) i love to travel no matter how far it may be. I don't get tired of traveling and traveling and traveling...
17.) i can't sleep without an electric fan even if it's cold.
18.) i hated my butt when i was in elementary. i wished my butt be lessen and removed.but that was before...
19.) as a kid, i used to love eating rice with milo/ovaltine with lots of sugar
20.) I've never been confined to the hospital.thanks God
21.) i hate perfumes. my head aches whenever i smell perfumes.
22.) i have a bad habit of "nasusuka".
23.) i hate pets.'di ko kayang mg-alaga ng cguro pede. hehe
24.) i think i could be a successful businesswoman.haha
25.) i'm an alternative music person.

Enjoy making your own list too. ;)

btw, I would like to show you the other side of my reversible bag :)


Aika said...

bitaw jing feeling nako kay businesswoman jud ka! I didn't know di pud ka ganahag pets. apir. shet sayang tana nakauban kog ukay. mahal kaayo ukay diri sa manila.

imnoblogger said...

mag ukay bitaw ta jing!roadtrip with ukay ba..i like your reversible bag jd!!!i like pets jing..plano nako magpalit ug iro lagi..mahalay!2k lang ako budget..yawa na mga iro mas mahal pa sa tuition!basig mahulog rani sa askal akong iro dream..basig naa kay mga contacts na businessmen pd..alert me..;)

Mads said...

Jing kakaaliw naman mejo marunong ako makaintindi ng Bisaya super onte lang.. my dad is from Davao kasi.. kakatawa ung friend mo about the dog na mas mahal pa sa tuition haha..=) I'm glad you liked my blog and tell your friend thanks for reading my blog.. Tell her to leave a comment naman..=) I hated pets before pero when my BF and I got our dog super maiinlove ka try mo..

ps.. Hala ginawa ko ng blog ko tong comment page mo..=P will add you to my blogroll, BTW..=)

Unknown said...

oh jing you are so cute. The floral top is just divine.

i run like a wind too. hihihi.

Jing Ocay said...

aika & joy: mgbonding nya ta with thrifting galore.

mads: sabi din ng mga friends ko na may pet na talgang enjoy mgalaga ng pet.cguro nga dahil maxadong mahal mgalaga kaya mejo ayaw ko.haha.sure mads, i'll tell him.he's toxicdiscoboy.blogspot nga pala.he's fashionista din.hehe

Anonymous said...

singkaw d i ka jing?dli lagi halata

Jing Ocay said...

oo roy,singkaw ko.dili lang nako ipahalata.haha

Maria said...

hahaha karon pa ko kabasa ani jing. lingaway ayo! naghagikgik ko diri isa sa balay.haahah yawa ni si jumagbas mas mahal pa daw ang iro kesa tuition!winner! :))