Monday, August 17, 2009

cough, coughed, coughing...

I am not feeling well since yesterday.I've been coughing really hard and my throat is so painful already.feeling ko gasgas na gasgas na lalamunan ko. I can't talk.well, I can but you have to move closer so you can hear anything.I vomit a lot. Everything that I've eaten was thrown up. Last night I asked Jonathan to buy me a siopao, royal orange and medicine. He had to go out at the middle of the night.pero sinuka ko lahat. im so sorry bibs, I know you efforted this just to make me well.

I blame myself for shouting and yelling yesterday at PAKUSGANAY. It's a sportsfest hosted by so so annoying organization in the world. well, you know who you are. I'm so irritated and pissed off sa forever DUMBNESS nila. hahay. By the way our team won in the happy and proud of them. I think the shouting yesterday worsen my condition today. huhu. Sana hindi na lang ako sumigaw. And I hope I can go back to work na rin. :(

My thrifted treasures for today:
green cropped blazer
green shoes
black sleeveless




Grade Posts said...

i went to the doc kanina, he prescribed me orofar-L, 10 pesos isa, angmahal sana kasama sha sa cheaper medicine's act.

seems to work sakin, pero di ako naging bulimic e. so baka highest level na ang ipeprescribe sau. haha j/k.

Jing Ocay said...

ok.thanks loi.well i can feel na nipayat ko becoz of this sakit.sana tuloy tuloy na to.haha.

Mads said...

Hi there Jing love the asymmetric hem of your black top.. and I love eggs too!!! super super malasadong sunny side up (as in basang basa pa ung yellow) and omelet with mozzarella cheese are my favorites!!

ps. thanks for the follow.=)