Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Today's our monthsary. Three months to go, it will be our 2nd anniversary! yey! I can't believe how we survived this relationship up to this day. And I thank God for that. He may not know this but bibs changed a lot of me. Before he came, I was this so dead bored and felt like giving up with all the problems that you could imagine. Now I'm full of life. Inspired to go back to who I am before. He always tells me that he's so lucky to have me but I'm a lot luckier to have him. He gave up everything just to be with me. He struggles so hard to have a better life here in the North and he did it. He is never complicated. He is never impatient. My mood swings and tantrums are out of this world but he tries to understand me most of the time. My love for you will never change bibs. Thank you for giving me strength and hope. I love you!

p.s. Bare with me being so cheesy in here. hehe. I just want to express what I'm feeling right now. :)

This is pinkett. My first ever stuffed toy from Jonathan. He gave it to me yesterday. Babae yan pero parang bading no? Love yan ni tito mike nya.haha

Yesterday, I had a chance to thrift at Batangas. Many stores were on sale. I purchased these green shoes. They're exactly what I'm looking for and I'm glad I found them. They're so poshy and comfy.



Roy said...

ang keso!

imnoblogger said...

ay oy!mamangon man sab ta!gamay man diay kag tiil jing noh?hehehe