Sunday, August 23, 2009

Sunday delight

Delight, by definition means someone/something that provides a source of happiness. And these are the things that made me happy today.

1.) my ukay finds - My bag costs 280php but i got it for only 90php. My top and my skirt are also my ukay finds from Lucena.

2.) quality time with bibs - It's a looonnnggg weekend for me but not for Jonathan. He's really busy. Can you imagine, even on holidays, he is still working??? Only on Sundays that he can have his day off and so we make sure that we spend quality time every Sunday.

3.) The last house on the left (2009) - a good suspense/thriller movie.
If bad people hurt someone you love, how far would you go to hurt them back?- tagline of the movie

4.) laundries done! YAHOO for that!





Unknown said...

kudos to another fab filipina in the blogosphere! keep it up jing and hope to see more!

much love


Unknown said...

jing, thank you so much for the love! its always good to meet new stylish ladies online. i can't wait to see more of your style!

always, eden

mikenbecca said...

Hello! Can we exchange links? It is awesome when a fellow filipina has a fashion blog too.

Take care!

>>> Rebecca Rose

Unknown said...

great find.

i just had my new batch of ukay finds too. From bags, to yellow dresses and a shoe this time. yey!

have a great day.

that's a very beautiful place

Cherie said...

hola! welcome to the blogging world! it's always nice to see another stylish filipina in the blogosphere. That's a lovely place and you look so carefree in the pictures :D