Thursday, September 24, 2009


Oh yeah this is my 50th entry in my blogspot. yey!

I was inspired to do blogging by my friends Aika and
Mike. I am no writer at all.I hate writing since forever.haha Actually I was thinking of having a "Bisaya" blog, just writing random things about music, showbiz, adventures, places, photography, that's why I came up with this blog title. But when I started writing my first entry, I found it difficult to use Cebuano dialect.And so I used English instead.

My first 20 entries are all about showbiz and anything. a bit boring. Then I found blogs of Ms.Denise , Mads, Little Miss Dress Up and some other fashion bloggers, I got interested doing mine also. They are inspirations. They love thrift shopping and so do I. So Mike convinced me to do some outfit posts using my ukay(thrift) finds. I'm a bit hesitant because I know this will be published in world wide web.I'm too shy to show off my poses.haha. Then there ya go, I found myself obsessed with thrifting and doing outfit posts. I'm happy with what I'm doing and I'm forever grateful to my inspirations...

Happy 50th, KI-AT KI-AT!!!



Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Sunday report

Last Sunday was a very tiring day. We toured Kuya Archie around Manila. I'm disappointed because we missed Intramuros. I was really preparing for this place but we lacked time and it would be so selfish of me if I will insist on going to Intramuros.
After accompanying Kuya Archie to the airport, we decided to hit MOA for a 70% sale. kalowka!the mall was too stressful!

a photo shoot while waiting for them to prepare.

i love the details of this need to put on necklaces.

thrifted black jumper-like-dress and blouse.

Haggard-looking boyfriend. He was so tired of driving.

Monday, September 21, 2009

stripes and ice cream

the belt and pedal are from ukay stores

an emo pose. i love the wall .

it's my first time to eat Dairy Queen ice happy they got my favorite flavor.cookies and cream.yum yum.

at the NAIA 3 airport waiting for Kuya Archie's arrival


Friday, September 18, 2009


Yey! It's Friday and I am so excited to spend my long weekend in Manila. My boyfriend's brother-in-law is coming tomorrow and is bound for Qatar On Sunday night. While in Manila, he wants to visit some interesting and historical places, and that would mean, we will go to Intramuros! yehey! Jonathan and I have been wanting to visit this place. Walled-city (of Manila), here we come!

BTW, I'll leave you with these pictures that I'm overwhelmed of.hihi. I look thinner(for a chubby me) here and that's all because of the BELT and the the CORSET-LIKE BLACK TOP I wore. I got these magical churva from two separate thrift stores. The belt I got from a mother, selling her daughter's clothes from U.S. of A.(yes, nakichika ako e para makatawad.hihi) And the top is from a real Ukay store. Both are amazing. The belt covers my belly and the top gives shape and mold my body blah blah blah...hahaha.





I hope you guys will have a wonderful long weekend!!!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

the skirt

I'm so happy with my new thrifted skirt and red blouse. It's a leather skirt. I think?hehe. I thought it won't fit me, but the saleslady said it's STRETTTCCCHHHAAABBBLLEEE, and so I gave it a try. It costs 50 pesos (1$) but I make "tawad" and bought it for only 30 pesos(.60 $). yey!




Monday, September 14, 2009

it's the climb

I watched Hannah Montana the movie this morning. I know it's so teenage movie but I like Miley Cyrus. Her voice is a bit weird and I'm loving it. Right after watching the movie, I downloaded the movie's soundtrack. There are many inspiring songs and one of my favorite tracks is "The Climb". wow. natamaan ako ng kanta. I made mistakes and I failed many times. But there's always gonna be another mountain and I'm gonna make it move. charoot... I posted the lyrics below. You gotta read the message.very nice! *winks*

I also had a great weekend. The boyfriend and I had a picnic at the nearest field and visited my Ate tina. And at last our toliet is now unclogged!haha.(pasintabi sa mga kumakain).

BTW, I wore a thrifted blazer and a black halter top worn as dress.hihi.



"The Climb"

I can almost see it, that dream i'm dreamin
but, there's a voice inside my head sayin,
you'll never reach it.
every step im takin every move i make
feels lost with no direction,
my faith is shakin,
but i, i gotta keep tryin
i gotta keep my head held high

there's always gonna be another mountain
im always gonna wanna make it move
always gonna be an uphill battle and sometimes
im gonna have to lose
it aint about how fast i get there
aint about whats waitin on the other side
its the climb

the struggles im facing the chances im taking
sometimes might knock me down but no im not breaking
i may not know it but these are the moments
that im gonna remember most yeah just gotta keep goin
and i i got be strong
gotta keep on pushin on cuz

theres always gonna be another mountain
im always gonna wanna make it move
always gonna be an uphill battle
sometimes im gonna have to lose
aint about how fast i get there
aint about whats waitin on the other side
its the climb x2

keep on movin keep climbin keep the faith babe
its all about its all about the climb
keep the faith keep your faith

Friday, September 11, 2009

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

i want summer


I browsed some files in my laptop and found a folder named "Anawangin". Oh I miss Zambales adventure and I miss summer so much. I am very eager to watch "And I love you so" not because of Bea but because I want to see Anawangin again. You guys should go there too. A perfect place for relaxation and fun. I learned to love and appreciate the sun, sand and sea because of this place. Ohhh summer come to mama. :)) and rain rain go away.sobra ka na ha.:P

Monday, September 7, 2009

rainy days and mondays

It rained the whole weekend. We just stayed at home and watched movies. But one thing I hate the most during rainy days is that it takes too much time for my clothes to get dried. They've been hanging outside for three days already.haha.

Well today is a sudden declared holiday so the boy and I ate our lunch at IRRI. We stayed there for 3 hours and chatted about world war 2 and politics and money and ended up arguing and debating again. hahay.

So this is what I wore. Our jackets are ukay finds. :)





Saturday, September 5, 2009


Can anyone tell me what's the best remedy for dysmenorrhea??? I've been suffering from this pain since last night. I know I can google it but those posts just don't work. Oh Lord! I really wanted to enjoy this long weekend but my period and bad weather make me uncomfortable. Anyhoo, I will still try to make my weekend colorful. Movies can help, I guess.

btw,I tried another color splash on this picture. hihi. A sign of boredom. ;(


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :D

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Miss Earth

I am Miss Earth because I'm wearing brown and I'm one with nature. haha. Last Monday, we decided to have a road trip with Ocay brothers and Rose Pearl. We discovered a shortcut route from Laguna to Batangas. There was no traffic and we enjoyed the beautiful scenery. We managed to take some photos of this place with pipes and horses. Life is so simple here and I love it. I just love discovering places.

I'm excited. I'm going to try something I hope can make me more confident and more alive. wohoo! I'll update you guys if this will work on me.





Have a great day everyone! :)

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

black and black

To forgive and forget is just too hard for me. Especially when you're hurt by a person close to you. These past few days, I feel so down. No matter how I tried to get over it, I just can't. I'm not ready yet. I still love and respect him though. I really do. I still pray for him. A friend told me, "forgetting is all up to time". IN TIME...

On the brighter side, I received a good news from my sister that she passed her board exam. Happy for her. She will be chasing her dreams then. And Oh it's BER month na, I'm excited to embrace the cold weather here in Laguna.

I wore a thrifted black dress given to me by my fab friend Mike. It has a unique frontal design and I feel comfortable wearing it. Thanks yotch for this dress. :)