Thursday, September 24, 2009


Oh yeah this is my 50th entry in my blogspot. yey!

I was inspired to do blogging by my friends Aika and
Mike. I am no writer at all.I hate writing since forever.haha Actually I was thinking of having a "Bisaya" blog, just writing random things about music, showbiz, adventures, places, photography, that's why I came up with this blog title. But when I started writing my first entry, I found it difficult to use Cebuano dialect.And so I used English instead.

My first 20 entries are all about showbiz and anything. a bit boring. Then I found blogs of Ms.Denise , Mads, Little Miss Dress Up and some other fashion bloggers, I got interested doing mine also. They are inspirations. They love thrift shopping and so do I. So Mike convinced me to do some outfit posts using my ukay(thrift) finds. I'm a bit hesitant because I know this will be published in world wide web.I'm too shy to show off my poses.haha. Then there ya go, I found myself obsessed with thrifting and doing outfit posts. I'm happy with what I'm doing and I'm forever grateful to my inspirations...

Happy 50th, KI-AT KI-AT!!!




toxic disco boy said...

happy!!! char 50th post na dayon! haha. congrats ter! ^^

more thrifts to come... haha

Unknown said...

when i started blogging puro daldal lang din. hehhehe.. madaldal kasi yata ako talaga.

but i've been photographing my everyday outfits ever since. Then i saw Agatha of stylebytes nga. But of course am shy about my style and a bit afraid to fire my photos here cos lets face it i don't understand fashion at all.

But you know what?, fashion is not meant to be understood, Till now i can't, and it's not about owning the latest shoe or expensive bag or jacket.It's all about the joy of self expression through dressing up.

And don't forget to only consider your self. If you're compromising, then that's tampering in your individuality.

I don't follow trends. Ever since am not bitten by the "it" itch.

The last thing i want is may makasalubong ako na katulad ng shoes ko. weeeeh. Lam mo yun? The moment something na sikat na sikat and everybody wants to have it, or 2die4 shoe or bag? wow am stirring away from that. It's just not me.

I believe you're a fun person and it shows. Just enjoy this.

Thank you so much for always dropping by my blog. Means so much to me.

have a great day!

happy 50th!

Jing Ocay said...

thank you Ms.Denise for these kind's true!fashion is all about the joy of self enjoying it talaga.hihi

and this advice too:
"And don't forget to only consider your self. If you're compromising, then that's tampering in your individuality. "

thank you thank you po talaga!
have a great weekend!

Anonymous said...

i love your blog. its so good. i have just followed.
Tomorrow x

Annie said...

Congrats on the fiftieth! I just got to my hundredth and it felt so great.

Sarah A. said...

Happy 50th dear..

Since 2006, I want to blog just so someone or anyone would notice me..
I create one then delete it then create one and do the same..

I love writing about just anything about me, it might be boring to some, but for me I share..

Sis, thanks for blogging for it made us people (who follow you) earn confidence which you had and strive for hearing and listening and ways of caring..

We love blogging! We love all! :)
Cheers dear..

More to blogging!


Cheryl said...

Happy 50th post,Jing! Ako rin didn't know that my last post was the 100th nung makita ko lang sa post counter dun ko lang nalaman.hahaha!

Anyway, I started mine because of Denise's blog. Kita mo related pala mga blogs natin. :) As with fashion, classic and safe dresser lang talaga ako. Karon lang ko nag ki-at ki-at, day! Pero it's fun mag-pose,no? ;)

Anyway, I've only read about typhoon Ondoy when I read your comment. So sad indeed. Sa Marikina pa man din ako nakatira dati at malapit pa sa Marikina River. I'm praying that everything will be alright soon and I hope that you'll be safe too.

Ayo-ayo dinha.

imnoblogger said...

more to come..cheers!

cuter than a button said...

happy 50th!. i just started my blog and wants to be blogmates with fellow pinays. i hope that's fine with you. i so love ukay too!

Mads said...

Hey Jing I remember you're a fan of Juday diba? she's gonna be on the cover of Preview again for October..=)

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Jing Ocay said...

anonymous: thank you for the comment.god bless :)