Saturday, September 5, 2009


Can anyone tell me what's the best remedy for dysmenorrhea??? I've been suffering from this pain since last night. I know I can google it but those posts just don't work. Oh Lord! I really wanted to enjoy this long weekend but my period and bad weather make me uncomfortable. Anyhoo, I will still try to make my weekend colorful. Movies can help, I guess.

btw,I tried another color splash on this picture. hihi. A sign of boredom. ;(


Have a wonderful weekend everyone! :D


imnoblogger said...

i lurv this!nindot pa ang ato skin color ani..sunkissed kaau..jing pautanga ko beh aron kaanha ko..haha

Sarah A. said...

Oh, i hate dysmenorrhea too, but hey we're girls, right?
Anyway, my remedy? Hot chocolate or anything sweet..
If it won't work, iL take one *light* pain reliever..
I have a low tolerance on pain

Jing Ocay said...

joy : ikaw way kwarta?pagsure.cge man gani ka adto tagaytay.haha

jarah : thanks for the advice Miss Jarah, yeah, i ate ice cream kanina and so far di na maxadong masakit. hehe. god bless!

Unknown said...

lovely photo. i LOVE yellow! yey

Unknown said...


i have my monthly demon : dysmenorrhea. i die every month. i hate it!

Jing Ocay said...

that's the only yellow shirt i have Ms. Denise.ukay din yan.hehe

Cheryl said...

No caffeine (tea,chocolate/soft drinks) days before your mens.Try drinking something warm and not cold. Too much stress( mental) before your period also induces dysmenorrhoea.

I like your blog! Ayo-ayo:)

Grade Posts said...

pills, ingon nila. 2in1 pa. haha, joke lang.