Monday, September 7, 2009

rainy days and mondays

It rained the whole weekend. We just stayed at home and watched movies. But one thing I hate the most during rainy days is that it takes too much time for my clothes to get dried. They've been hanging outside for three days already.haha.

Well today is a sudden declared holiday so the boy and I ate our lunch at IRRI. We stayed there for 3 hours and chatted about world war 2 and politics and money and ended up arguing and debating again. hahay.

So this is what I wore. Our jackets are ukay finds. :)






toxic disco boy said...

check the shoes! when did you get that?

mikenbecca said...

Its been raining here too. The weather is being pasaway right now.

Cute outfit!

>>> Rebecca Rose

Roy said...

grabe naman ka ka-fashionista jing. maulaw naman ta makig-uban sa imo.haha

Elaine said...

You are from the Philippines?? Kumustaka!! :D And cool jacket :)

Unknown said...

rain !!!!

all i do is sleep. Rain is a great downer.

lovely outfit. Comfy and cute

Cheryl said...

Balita bitaw nako, sige ga-ulan dinha. Love your necklace!

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