Friday, September 18, 2009


Yey! It's Friday and I am so excited to spend my long weekend in Manila. My boyfriend's brother-in-law is coming tomorrow and is bound for Qatar On Sunday night. While in Manila, he wants to visit some interesting and historical places, and that would mean, we will go to Intramuros! yehey! Jonathan and I have been wanting to visit this place. Walled-city (of Manila), here we come!

BTW, I'll leave you with these pictures that I'm overwhelmed of.hihi. I look thinner(for a chubby me) here and that's all because of the BELT and the the CORSET-LIKE BLACK TOP I wore. I got these magical churva from two separate thrift stores. The belt I got from a mother, selling her daughter's clothes from U.S. of A.(yes, nakichika ako e para makatawad.hihi) And the top is from a real Ukay store. Both are amazing. The belt covers my belly and the top gives shape and mold my body blah blah blah...hahaha.





I hope you guys will have a wonderful long weekend!!!


hanie said...

intramuros pics! :D

Unknown said...

i love the belt and the cute buckle in it.
have fun in Manila.


you got curves honey, not chubs. stay pretty!

imnoblogger said...

hhmmm..alert ang poses..basig fhm na sunod ani gurl??jhahaha