Tuesday, September 1, 2009

black and black

To forgive and forget is just too hard for me. Especially when you're hurt by a person close to you. These past few days, I feel so down. No matter how I tried to get over it, I just can't. I'm not ready yet. I still love and respect him though. I really do. I still pray for him. A friend told me, "forgetting is all up to time". IN TIME...

On the brighter side, I received a good news from my sister that she passed her board exam. Happy for her. She will be chasing her dreams then. And Oh it's BER month na, I'm excited to embrace the cold weather here in Laguna.

I wore a thrifted black dress given to me by my fab friend Mike. It has a unique frontal design and I feel comfortable wearing it. Thanks yotch for this dress. :)






imnoblogger said...

i love the dress jd jing..with murag pocket pa xa in front..perfect!

mikenbecca said...

Love your cute black dress and oh by the way your pics are amazing.

Anyway where are u from in Laguna? coz I'm from there too ;-)!!!

>>> Rebecca Rose