Tuesday, October 13, 2009

greener pasture

I am.. and still... searching for my greener pasture...


the green top is a gift from Mike's mom. I love it.


Aika said...

nindot kaayo ang top jing. just my kind of green. murag apple.

btw, dayon na nato karong sabado. pramis. baynte ako iamot. bwahahaha bitaw ui. ingon raba si jonathan kan on og spaghetti iya. tubig nalang ako. hakhak.

Ces said...

that's so sweet of Mike's mom to give you that shirt. green is my fave color. your pictures looks better too, i'm guessing it's from the new camera.

Ate Cheryl said...

Ang sweet naman ng Mom ni Mike. ;) green is life and hope and so it's best to wear one these days.

Unknown said...

i love the outfit!
so cool. Green and white. perfect!