Monday, October 12, 2009

I'm back!

Hello Philippines! Hello World!

Now I'm back to blogging. yey! I've been missing in action for almost 3 weeks. Like other Filipino bloggers, I'm also saddened by the calamities that struck Philippines and I feel so guilty posting my clothes while others lost theirs. But Filipinos are strong! We have to move on...
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I've been so busy lately with work, so I dont have time for blogging. Plus, I don't have a camera also.haha. But last Saturday I rewarded myself with a point and shoot camera. I dream of having a dslr but I can't afford it yet. There are still more important things than a dslr.hehe. Anyway, I bought it because I want to make "kiat-kiat" alive again. I think she's dying and I don't want my 50th entry to end my blogging! I want more and more...haha. And I would like to thank my fellow bloggers for leaving kind and lovely comments at my previous posts. I enjoy reading your blogs too! Thank You!

These pictures were taken before Typhoon Ondoy came. All of these are thrifted. *wink*




btw, I'm on a serious in super serious.haha


mememe said...

i love the sling bag and the belt ;)

Sarah A. said...

The neck accent of your top is amazing! :) Cute outfit..
ANd all are thrifted? Amazing really! :)

imnoblogger said...

seryoso na jd ka jing ha??pinacleavage man daun..hehe

Mads said...

Glad you're posting more outfit posts na!!=) my sister is the ukay ukay queen she really finds treasures dun.. Love your belt and your mustard shoes..=)

ps. Ano pala ibig sabihin ng ki-at ki-at?=P

toxic disco boy said...

gandarva!!! looking amazing as always. ^^

Dane said...

Everything thrifted, how fun!

Anonymous said...

hi, kept checking your blog and i'm glad you're back. i love those blue "blings" you have on the shirt. it seems you always get great finds "ukaying". i wish i can go ukay ukay with you. i just bought a mustard sandals 6 days ago. love the color.

Ate Cheryl said...

First, love the top, belt and the mustard shoes.Second, welcome back!Third, healthy dieting lang and don't skip on your meals and fourth, have a beautiful day tomorrow! :)