Monday, November 2, 2009

great escape




Are you fond of traveling and wants to run away from your nerve-racking life? Then go to Tagaytay, and yea, Caleruega too.
Tagaytay is one of the best places for relaxation. Been there many times and I don't get bored and tired of staying there. We went there today and it was unplanned. We actually intended to have a driving lesson (not the official one) for today, but ended up going to Tagaytay. hihi. Taal Lake never fails to give me a smile and thank God for this wonderful creation. :D

I had a great weekend with boyfriend and friends. They spent their long weekend at my very small apartment. We watched horror movies and had swimming at the nearest pool resort. I'm glad my parents called after like 2 weeks of no communication. Oh I miss home! 7 weeks na lang, and Mindanao here I come! :D

Hope you had a wonderful weekend too. mwah!


Janelle said...

i love going to tagaytay, it's so relaxing there and the air is so fresh :)

Ate Che said...

Oh, I missed Tagaytay! When the hubby visited Phils. for the first time, I brought him to Tagaytay and he liked it there. Pachada didto,uy!

Jing, lami ang bugnaw pero bugnaw Baguio or Tagaytay lang not the snowy bugnaw. It's too cold here during winter. Kabalo ka, while we from a tropical country likes to stay in a cold country, the people here likes to stay in a tropical country kay init daw,lol!

Have a nice day! :)

toxic disco boy said...

awww... ang cute mo d2 teh. hehe. i had a great time with u guys! lets do it again.

Ces said...

It's been a looonngg time since I've been to Tagaytay. I think about 8 or 9 years na and I've only been there twice. I would like to go back there.

You're from Mindanao? I've never been there. Gusto ko din punta don, siguro sa Davao or sa CDO sabi kc nila maganda daw.

Mads said...

Hi Jing! the jumper-ish dress looks very flattering on you! nakakapayat siya.. I LOVE Tagaytay super! when I wasn't too busy with medschool the BF and my college barkadas used to go there almost every other week to drink and just make tambay.. ang saya!

Aika said...

awww jing. kalami adto adtug tagaytay. i feel so guilty sakong utang. grabe na kanindot imong blog dai. ^_^

imnoblogger said...

jing tagaytay daghan memories..hahay..see u in december!!!cant wait..gwapa kaau ka sa pics ba..

Unknown said...

beautiful place tagaytay.

oi i love your heart t. so cute.

I Am Denise Katipunera

C. said...

Wow, this looks like a beautiful place. I really like the last picture.