Friday, November 13, 2009

Hello Silver!



I got these shiny coat and vintage bag from a thrift store in Batangas. The silver coat costs 20 pesos only (less than 1$) . I immediately grabbed this piece because i fell in love with the color. I'm into shiny clothes lately and I don't know why. I wore this as a dress because i don't feel comfortable wearing it as a coat in a very humid weather. hihi

I am also excited for this Sunday's big event. Yes, the Pacquiao-Cotto fight. I'm a fan of Pacquaio. He's a great boxer. Just please don't join politics Manny, or else I'll punch you.haha

Have a great weekend everyone! :D


Ate Che said...

Jing, metallics are so IN right now!

I hope Manny wins and I agree with you that he shouldn't be joining politics.Sayang lang ang iyahang money if he's going to spend it for his campaign. Donate na lang niya, uy!

Anyway,feeling blue si Ate kay she has PMS. hehe! Will try to watch PBB soon para malingaw.;)

Take care always!

Ces said...

i agree, shiny, silvery are so in right now. i always thought i am a good shopper then i see you guys having great clothes for less than a dollar. that dress looks good on you.

im not a Manny fan sorry. I think I've only watched one of his fights, siguro ayaw ko lang ng boxing. Pero of course i'm proud that he's pinoy and he gives a lot of pride to the country.

Aika said...

hello jing! winner na jud ka aning imong mga finds. barato na mga nindutay ba! cute kaayo ni na dress ba... nyame!

as much as i want to watch manny hay wa man kuy tv pisti. ang streaming kay maka frustrate. asa nalang kaha ko ani mutan aw. sa ako prayers nalang ni si manny.

dec 22 ko uli jing. kaw ba?