Sunday, November 15, 2009

Manny Pacquaio + Liliw = great Sunday

Yahoo! another win for the Filipinos!
I prayed hard for Manny's victory and I was trembling and nervous while watching Manny's fight. That was a good fight indeed. I like Cotto's attitude towards the game. He's a symbol of sportsmanship. I felt sad for him. I realized he's a father too and his children surely felt bad seeing their father losing the fight. :(

I got pissed off reading some status messages in facebook. Why can't some Filpinos just be happy for Manny Pacquiao's victory? oh well, hello CRAB MENTALITY or is it just INSECURITY or both? ugh! Let's just be happy for other's success guys. grow up!

Anyway, after watching the boxing, we went somewhere to freshen up and eat isaw. Then we realized we were already heading to Liliw. It's our first time here. Liliw is best known for native homemade sweets and sizeable shoe industry just like Marikina. I've been wanting to shop here for shoes. It was really amazing! The street is full of footwear stores. Shop 'til you drop. But we had limited time. We need to go home for work. 'I'll bring my friends here next time! :)

my bilbil. baw. :(

Liliw has a very beautiful and historical church.

This is the street where you can see side-by-side shoe stores. Shoes are very affordable and durable.


My purchase. I find it so simple and sexy. hihi


Janelle said...

my brother and i were just talking about how bad our culture's crab mentality is. some people just find it really hard to be happy for the pacquiaos. i think we should not begrudge them of their success, it's well-earned and they are very deserving. i get choked up with rags to riches stories like manny's. sweat, blood, tears and hard work talaga ang dinanas niya to get to where they are today.

oh yeah, (sorry i got carried away by my previous comment!) liliw looks like a lovely place. nice buy! :)

Aika said...

yahuuu daog si manny. with all the negativity and tragedy sa pilipinas, manny's win is a breath of fresh air. ^_^ and to think yotch na break na nya tanan record! seven titles in six or seven ba na weight classes. why not poknat.

Elaine said...

That shirt is so cool! And it looks like you had a lot of fun! :)

Unknown said...

go manny! i don't care about his personal life. I love him for what he's done with this godforsaken country. So nuf said.

sa totoo lang muntik ako makasapak ng talangka kahapon lang. Kung lulusot lang ang kamao ko sa screen naku may naumbag na ako.

anyway ang nice naman ng sandals mo? saan yang liliw? I always wanted to shop shoes in Marikina. Kaso wala lang talagang chance.

btw your last outfit, akala ko velvet. Velvet are so in right now.

C. said...

Thank you for the lovely comment about my photography. I really appreciate it :)

What a nice and simple outfit. Pink looks great on you!

toxic disco boy said...

bongga are the shoes!!! di pa ako nakapunta ng liliw. :(

Ces said...

i haven't shopped in marikina to buy sandals and shoes. you have a great choice. your feet will really look sexy in those. congratulations to manny paquiao!

Ate Che said...

Ganda nung church and yung shoeeesss! :) I've heard of Liliw before pero hindi pa ako nakarating diyan.Thanks for showing it to us!

Your top looks pretty, forget the bilbil what's important is you look good wearing it.;)

Congrats to Manny but if he should run for office, he should clean-up his personal life first. Sorry, I don't condone cheating husbands/ boyfriends kasi ( kung totoo man yung balita 2ngkol sa kanya).

Have a lovely night ahead, Jing!

JOWY said...


One Love,