Monday, November 23, 2009

poker game

modeling the poker chip case


thrifted black dress and silver sandals

I spent my weekend with my friends by playing poker game. Yeah, we played poker whole night and slept for 4 hours and then played poker again the whole day. We're addicted to it already. But of course, it doesn't involve money. My friend Roy, the poker boy, introduced this game to us. I only knew the the Poker Face song of Lady Gaga and not the poker game. We really had fun and I was always the loser.hekhek


toxic disco boy said...

wow! ganda mo teh! cute dress^^

Sarah A. said...

Nice dress dear..
And you model the poker case WELL! :)

Oh, I don't know how to play poker :(

Unknown said...

i love that dress. Ang cute ng stars. give it to me. hahahaha.

I Am Denise Katipunera

Janelle said...

your outfit looks so presko kahit na black siya :)

Anonymous said...

beautiful black dress! i want it. i don't play poker but my bro is so addicted to it.

imnoblogger said...

hmmm..bantog ra paapilon nko aron ako na pd mapildi kay dli kabalo..haha

Cheryl said...

Cute dress, Jing!

Unknown said...

my name's jing too! i'd love to use that poker chip case as a bag. so cool.