Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Two days to go and I'm home!
When I'm back I'll show you pictures of my beautiful place ---> Surigao!
beaches, waterfalls,springs, etc...
and oh....SEAFOODS!!!yumyum
Can't wait!

Enjoy your holidays everyone!



photo credits : Kathy June Fiel

Thursday, December 17, 2009

orange energy

I'm super-duper excited to go home for christmas!(after one and a half years,yeah!)
I'll be flying on the 24th of December at 4am.
I'm downloading lots and lots of movies for family bonding.(hello torrent!)
I miss home and I can't wait to eat mom's recipes (lutong bahay). walang kwenta na naman diet ko neto.
A christmas vacation free from work.yey!
I'm about to finish packing my gifts for my beloved people.
define EXCITED!hihi

thrifted orange dress and bag


The heritage town in Taal Batangas.

I would like to thank fabulous Betz of herarmoire for giving me this award. It's my second time to receive a blog award. I feel honored and grateful. Thank You betz!

and as part of this award I have to write 7 random things about me. so, here they are:
1.) My craziest dream is to have a concert at Araneta Coliseum.(ilusyonada!sintunado naman!)
2.) I love egggssss. I can eat a dozen of eggs a day.
3.) I don't don't don't like squids.
4.) I fear heights
5.) I can't sleep without an electric fan even if it's cold.
6.) I hate perfumes. my head aches whenever i smell perfumes.
I hate my butt when i was in elementary. i wished my butt be lessen and removed.haha.

I'm passing this award to :
Ivy of positive tension
Denise of denisekatipunera
Coco and Amanda of Notsonaked
Rissa of sisterazzi

Monday, December 14, 2009

get your night on

night out

night on

night on
yes. I'm a fan of Judy Ann Santos.

night on

night on

night on


We celebrated Jeyson's birthday last Saturday.
He is my boyfriend's younger brother and my photographer...lol

slippers: havaianas
shirts : both thrifted
bag : thrifted
shorts : Tommy Hilfiger

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Lay It Out in Lavender

Last Sunday we attended Baby Lily's Christening. It was fun. It's like a reunion with my college friends. I would love to show you pictures of Lily's christening but the handsome photographer, Bryan Yap haven't uploaded the pictures yet.

So these pictures were taken before and after the event.

The dress I wore is thrifted. It's my first time to wear a lavander dress.




After the christening, I tried on this wrap wedged sandals I bought at ebay.


Tuesday, December 1, 2009

blog award

Good Day Everyone!
How was your weekend? Mine was fine.just fine. I watched movies and stayed at home the whole long weekend. :)

I would like to thank Ate Che of Adventure of a Pinay Neska for passing me this award. It feels good. It's like receiving an Oscar award...lol. Glad to know that somebody found my blog, lovely. *winks*

And now I'm passing this award to Mike of ToxicDiscoBoy. He is one of those who inspired and influenced me with so many things like thrifting and dressing up. He is very talented and has an amazing sense of fashion. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading his blog.

and to Mara of Kiss my Fashion. Just discovered her blog. Isn't it amazing that this young girl is only 15 yrs old and dresses up fashionably already? galing noh?! visit her blog too.


And this dress I wore is another thrift find. I love the print and the glitters/small studs at the front . It is very simple and comfy to wear.