Tuesday, December 1, 2009

blog award

Good Day Everyone!
How was your weekend? Mine was fine.just fine. I watched movies and stayed at home the whole long weekend. :)

I would like to thank Ate Che of Adventure of a Pinay Neska for passing me this award. It feels good. It's like receiving an Oscar award...lol. Glad to know that somebody found my blog, lovely. *winks*

And now I'm passing this award to Mike of ToxicDiscoBoy. He is one of those who inspired and influenced me with so many things like thrifting and dressing up. He is very talented and has an amazing sense of fashion. I'm sure you'll enjoy reading his blog.

and to Mara of Kiss my Fashion. Just discovered her blog. Isn't it amazing that this young girl is only 15 yrs old and dresses up fashionably already? galing noh?! visit her blog too.


And this dress I wore is another thrift find. I love the print and the glitters/small studs at the front . It is very simple and comfy to wear.




Leah said...

Congrats on the award and you've scored another great thrift find.

Sarah A. said...

Yehey! COngratulations! More thrifting and entries to enjoy! Mwah


Ate Che said...

Wow, it looks so comfy to me! Maganda yan isuot pag mainit kasi loose and flowy. Naka-jackpot ka na naman, Jing! ;)

You and Ces truly deserved that award.:)

Itago nang imuhang winter clothes. Who knows someday mapadpad ka sa Europe, US or in a country where it gets really cold, at least you don't have to buy anything na because you have the clothes already. :)

Take care always, Jing!

Anonymous said...

that dress is so cute and comfy. congrats on the award!

Lexi Colby said...

i LOVE the dress, it looks absolutely adorable on you :)

Unknown said...

love that dress. looks so cool. breezy.

Unknown said...

love that dress. looks so cool. breezy.

Noelle Chantal said...

love the bag and that dress look so nice too. great thrift find! and congrats on the award too! :)

Unknown said...

hello jing, this is my first visit here but i'm sure it's not my last. lovely blog. happy to find another filipino blogger with impeccable style. following you!


Leah said...

Forever LB girl ka pala...I guess the BF is from LB too? My sis-in-law teaches sa devcom. Where do you stay in LB?

CL said...

Cute shoes! x