Saturday, January 23, 2010

black and white

"Black and white" is for my outfit today.
Both are thrifted items. I bought this stylish black and white top for only 10 pesos(.20 $). Amazing, isn't it? I immediately grabbed this item because I saw another woman staring at it. haha. It perfectly fits me because it's stretchable.(char lang!)
The skirt costs 50 pesos (1$). I bought it to pair with my top. It has an uneven hem.



"black and white" is also for our facial treatment. Yes, for our black and whiteheads. haha.
Jonathan and I went to a facial care center today. We've never had any facial treatment before. At first I was hesitant to try it while Jonathan was so excited. This is, by the way, his late christmas gift to me and to himself.
The procedure was painful. I was like shaking all over. But I'm happy I tried it, worth overcoming my fear.




toxic disco boy said...

omg yotch. I LOVE ET!!! grabe. i love the shoulder on that shirt and the asymmetrical dress. i wish i was the to see it. dapat pag kita naten you wear that!!! haha.

Leah said...

I love the cut of that skirt Jing... sige pag nagkita tayo, wear that.

Anonymous said...

Simple and classy ! I like it.

Mom Fashion World said...

i haven't gone to facial for so many years already.
mahal kc dito. oh i missed it. suki pa naman ako ng facial treatment jan. masarap ang feeling after the procedure. ang gaan gaan ng feeling db lalo na d face.
btw, i love this outfit. bagay sau ganitong outfit.

Unknown said...

new header again jing? =)
awww, magkita mo nila mike and ate leah? how cool is that!!!! hawd jud kaayo ka magthrift shop. sabay ta mangukay kung makauli ko ha? hehe. and i feel you about other people staring the stuff you are still deciding to buy. dili jud nako buhian. look lovely as always!


Mom Daughter Style said...

OMGurlash Jing. I just posted something with the same title. haha. Di ko na papalitan. Pareho nalang tayo.

I agree with disco boy, love this outfit of yours. Very classic and feminine.

Unknown said...

love this loook x

megara said...

I love black and white, it's so classy and classic! You look great, and such a lovely background!

Unknown said...

wow that was a really good buy jing. hahaha u know the 10 peso ones are always my favourite finds. good for you!

btw hope you could pop into my site, i've got this great giveaway for my loves in the PI. do check it out!


Camryn said...

Wow. I can't believe that top is only 10 pesos. Amazing find. Haha. I never find stuff that great. :)

You look fabulous by the way. Simply classic.

Unknown said...

ang gorgeous naman ng batang ito. hihi. love the top. Is it a separate tube? it's very corporate.

btw saan sa ebay mo nabili ang iyong shoes on your last post?

I am Denise Katipunera

Ate Che said...

Hi, Jing!

Ganda naman ng cut nung skirt, avant garde ba dating. Chars! :)

Uy, ayaw kasuya about the coats. Ako I prefer the warm weather kay bug-at and too bulky baya ang mag-sige ug coat unya kalas pa kwarta magpa!

I haven't had any facial for more than 2 years na.I missed it. Ingon ana gud medyo sakit the first time and then later maanad na ka. Also,it depends on that someone who's doing the facial on you. Naa man guy bug-at ug kamot and so kana sakit gyud but no pain, no gain. lol! :)

Have a happy week ahead! :)

Sherin said...

The dress os sp neautiful! It looks so perfect on you.

Anonymous said...

i love the skirt jing! and white on black is always an instant hit! ;)

bisaya pud diay ka? lovely!!
10 pesos lang?? wow ha! 20pesos pman ang ako pinakabarato napalit ui. hehe! cge lang, maybe next time ;)

btw, u have an award waiting. see here!

have a pleasant day ahead!