Tuesday, January 19, 2010

blue galore

My boyfriend took me out on my birthday. I bought myself a dress and it's thrifted. I think it's totally new because there's still a tag on it and looks like never been worn.

bag and dress : thrifted; shoes : ebay





For this year, we planned to a have a vacation at Baguio and Cebu. I've been to these places many times but I keep coming back for more and this time I wanna go there with him!
Have you heard about the lovely beaches in Cebu? beautiful!!!
and Baguio is love love love. Even if it's already crowded, i still admire the spots and the weather. and oh... many many thrift stores out there. you will really enjoy!!!
And so we'll have to save every cent for these plans to come true.



Have a good day everyone!


Unknown said...

happy bday jing!

wow ang cute naman ng dress.

That's my kind of blue.

I am Denise Katipunera

Mom Fashion World said...

jing, it's a continuation bday party for you!
wow, your boyfie is so sweet to take you out for dinner. i love your dress. the vibrant blue is so beautiful. wow, you're going to Baguio. i wanna go with you and do the ukay-ukay. cute ung last photo...match ung dress and the car.
take care, jinggay!

Mom Daughter Style said...

i remembered doing ukay ukay in Baguio. I just hate the road to go there, nakakahilo. I wish I can score that kind of dress with the zip detail.

Leah said...

Kelan ang kasal Jing? Hehehe! Baguio for the ukay2 tapos Cebu naman para dun mo irampa ang mga new purchases mo. Bongga!

Leah said...

PS... I love the blue dress. xoxo

toxic disco boy said...

winner ang dress! love the blue. and you look sexy here. ^^ haha.

Anonymous said...

love the zipper detail on the dress :) happy birthday!


This chick's got style said...

Love the zip and your wedges!

Anonymous said...

You looked very pretty :)

Unknown said...

Jing, belated happy birthday! I'm sure you had a blast. Kacute ninyo ui... do i hear ringing bells? hehe. ganahan kaayo ko sa imong dress, haud kaayo ka mag thrift shopping.

Baguio?! wow! wala pa ko kaanha diha. i got countless failed attempts to visit there. nice didto jing kay maka layer2 ka... Ganahan kaayo ko sa Cebu. super! i love plantation bay... ganahan ko mubalik didto ug didto na mupuyo. =)


ps. new header!!! love it!

Leah said...

Jing, you changed your blog name pala. I love it.

Mom Fashion World said...

hello jinggay!
just swinging by to say Hi
and hope everything is fine with you.

magandang umaga po.

Anonymous said...

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Cheryl said...

Ganda ng color, electric blue! Cute din nung zipper na tabingi.;)

Jing, dis-a man ka gi-teat ni papa?;) ( Ay, ka-tsismosa ni Ate, lol!)

Kalami sa Baguio, no? Plus daghang ukay-ukay didto.I haven't really to the beaches in Cebu.Might think about visiting them when we visit Pinas one of these days.

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

hi jing!
thanks for dropping by my blog!

yep, i'm from cebu and kasabot ko ug bisaya..hehe. i really love thrifting..and would go every month with my mom...huuussshhh. :D

ps. i love the zipper detail on this dress...and your belt too.


Isabeau Jane said...

i likey your wedgy.. oops that came out wrong. haahhaha but u get the message right? i love wedges theyre stilletos+comfort. party all night without aching feet.

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