Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Christmas is all about FAMILY.

Hello everyone! wow! after two weeks of no internet access, I'm back to the nth level!!!
Globe tattoo just doesn't work in my place so i wasn't able to update my blog and read my fellow bloggers' posts. I'm excited to read all your posts and see your lovely pictures. yeah soon. hehe

I spent my christmas with my family. This time it's meaningful because we are complete. Last year, my mom and dad spent christmas and new year only by themselves. I and my siblings did not go home due to financial reasons. Maybe that's the reason why I hate 2009 so much. :(

Well, what's important is that we're together this christmas and that we are indeed happy!!!

thrifted dress and bag, sandals : parisian

What I really love about my parents is that they are not KJ(kill joy). They're super cool and has sense of humor.

sisters. from youngest to oldest. (Jessa Janice, Jennifer, yours truly)

with mama

with papa

very late sorry. :)


Ces said...

happy new year, Jing! lovely photos with your family. Hopefully, next Christmas ulit. Hopefully, next Christmas ulit. I don't have a sister just bros. Glad to know you enjoyed your Christmas. Have a great year ahead.

Mom Fashion World said...

have a grace-filled new year, jing!
i missed you so much!

buti naman 2009 is over for you and wish you
all the best in life. masaya talaga pag complete ang family esp on special occasions. it's nice to be with the family again. love that family pic and those photos with each girls with your mom.
happy new year uli!

toxic disco boy said...

winner! ganda ng black and white dress. bet ko! ^^

hala yotch. murag ikaw na pinakapayat ninyo upat! haha.