Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Everybody Happy!

gray and yellow
thrifted dress and shoes

Repeat performance. Yes, I already featured this dress in one of my earlier posts. It was so cold last Sunday and I decided to wear this dress. It's very comfy plus it's super cheap. It costs 5 pesos only. yebahhhhh

gray and yellow

The very beautiful Toni of perfumed red shoes, gave me this award. Thank you Toni dear. Check her blog guys, you'll surely love her stlye. :)
I'm glad I received another award. yipee! I appreciate it whenever people recognize my blog and give me endearing comments. Makes me happy and I feel loved.(charring!) And so I'm sharing this award to these lovely bloggers:

And as a rule, I have to write my top 10 things that make me happy.
and these are the sources of my happiness.

family, boyfriend, friends, judy ann santos, thrifting
photo shoot for my blog, movies, adventures and trips, kinilaw, money

Don't forget to visit chic in the tropics for giveaways.
photos: 4,5,7,9,10 from google.


Anonymous said...

awwe.. you are the sweetest, Jing! thanks :)

ang kinilaw! lami kaau! haha!

5 pesos?? no kidding?! it looks rather expensive.
i super love the details.. :)

Unknown said...

jing, tag singko (bisaya lang na?!!! get out! ikaw na jud ang pinakahaud mangukay! super. pretty kaayo ka. plus the shoes. wow. very pretty.

congrats sa award! you deserve it. =)


Leah said...

Jing, ang ganda ng draping ng dress mo... unique! Congrats on the award. Bongga, kasama talaga si Juday!

PS...yung necklace ko sa Shrek pics, I ordered it from Sepa in Cebu. Meron sila Multiply site.

Leah said...

Jing, Sepa Online ang multiply site nila. They deliver everywhere. Ang dami magaganda items.

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

thanks for the sweet comment on my blog...:D

hala, i love the beach and kinilaw too...hehe.

Mom Daughter Style said...

hi jing, thanks for the tag. it's been like forever since I had Kinilaw. Now, I'm going to crave for it. Marami tayong pareho sa list. Happy din ako sa money kaya lang dollars haha.

ganda ng dress mo, and super cheap.

toxic disco boy said...

winner! i remember that dress well. ^^

Isabeau Jane said...

i admire juday too coz she's so determined and anything she does.. her perfection shows.. asa man ka mangukay woist? hehe

The ViXeN's LaiR

Mom Fashion World said...

i haven's seen this dress before.
i'm glad you wore it again.
heheh..talagang idol mo c juday ha.
kung alam lang ni juday, sana ikaw na ang ginawang president for her fans club.

imnoblogger said...

makahilak ko jing!hahay..mishu jing!muah!

Anonymous said...

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