Thursday, January 14, 2010

lucky 2010

I got a feeling that this year's gonna be a good year.
that this year's gonna be a good year...
that this year's gonna be a good good year...

Oh yeah! Happy New Year Everyone! This is a late post I know but I intended this outfit post for my new year topic. This was taken last new year's eve.
We were patiently waiting for 2010 to come, when we decided to have an open forum. My dad started it by reviewing all the misfortunes we experienced in 2009. I cried while listening to my parent's story and the striving stuff. (parang pang Maalaala Mo Kaya na baga.hehe)That was the worst year so far for our family. (drama no?sorry.)
We'll what's important is...2009 is over. And we promised to be more optimistic for the whole year and the years to come!!!

thrifted belt, thrifted cropped blazer and thrifted short


And by the way, we won a "lechon"(roasted pig) from coke. That was unexpected, really. My mom joined a raffle promo from Coca-Cola last November and draw date was last December 31. And hoola! my mother was one of the lucky winners. What a great reason to start a year right right? hihi

A lucky start of 2010 indeed!!!

Thank you so much for stopping by dear fellow bloggers.
Love much,


hanie said...

swerte sa lechon! over! hehe. hanie

Leah said...

I want some lechon now. Jing, it will be a good year.

PS...kung di nyo pa nakuha sa sister ko yung little package ko for you and Mike, wait for me na lang to come back para we can hang-out dyan sa LB. Puntahan ko kayo ni Mike.

fadetoblack said...

def going got be a good year!!

Unknown said...

hey jingpot! i want your shorts. Hindi ako maka tyempo ng ganyang shorts. kaynizzzz.

oi ang swerte ni mom mo uh. Ako kahit kelan di pa nanalo sa raffle. kahit patis wala pako napanalunan. ihihihi.

I am Denise Katipunera

Noelle Chantal said...

wow, the lechon look so yummy!! swerte your mom! a gathering is perfect and complete if there is lechon, right? :)

plus i love your thrifted belt, Jing! :)

Ilanka Verhoeven said...

You look so summery! I love!
It's cold here so unfortantly I can't wear shorts.
You enjoy the weather!
Xx, fashionnerdic

Cheryl said...

Kalami sa lechon! Yum-yum!

Love your gray cardigan.Perfect for the cold night sa NY.

Jing, kami we usually just laugh over at the bad things that have happened on the past year. Katawa lang tamas ginhawa.hihi!

Anonymous said...

am hungry now just by looking at the yummy lechon! haha!

i love your shorts, Jing!


toxic disco boy said...

omg. the lechon! nag lechon pud mi atong new year kaso walay lami... kani murag lami. haha. pulang pula.

taray! pasexy naman ka ron jing! bongga.

Unknown said...

Jing, i'm sure as hell it's gonna be a good year! lamia sa lechon ui. huhuhu. laway to the max. perti nakong tutuk sa picture, as if it'll come out into existence.