Friday, January 29, 2010

New York, I love you!

I am excited for the weekend. Father dear will come and we'll tour him around somewhere.


and I'm dying to watch these movies


Mom Fashion World said...

jinggay, i love your pink bag. so sweet!
btw, i'm going to NY this weekend.
do you wanna come with me?

Mom Daughter Style said...

cute bag and shirt. Sex and the City! My favorite movie. I hope I can watch the 2 ASAP.

Anonymous said...

gorgeous pink bag, Jing! me likey!
oh wow! nana unya diay SATC 2? murag behind kaau ko ani dah.. haha!

Have a wonderful weekend Jing dear! :)

Sherin said...

The bag's colour is so pretty. I love how it stands out!

Leia said...

Love your pink bag! :)

Unknown said...

Jing, your pink bag is so pretty. why do you have the prettiest stuff on earth? can't wait napud sa movie! SATC and NY, I <3 you... ny overload. come here someday, aron ilisdan nato sila carrie. hehe. =)


Leah said...

Jing, you're wearing that skirt again... love ko yan super! Can't wait for SATC 2. Sabay tayo watch. :-)

Unknown said...

oh kudos! hope yourdad enjoys it!

btw the pink bag IS pretty:)


toxic disco boy said...

love the bag yotch... kawaton nako na. hehe. ^^

Camryn said...

The bag adds a nice pop of color to the outfit. Love it. :)

Anonymous said...

We have something in common, I love NY too :)

Ate Che said...


Congrats on your award and guess what, you have another one from me! :)

Ka-cute naman the pink bag. It's so girlalu.;)

Know what,until now wala pa jud nako nalantawi ng Sex and the City 1 and now naa nay 2. Juice ko day!

Habol na lang ako pag bakasyon nako dinha. In here all English movies are dubbed in Spanish and I find it weird not hearing the original voices of the actors/actresses kaya dili na lang ko molantaw.

Happy Sunday! (Uy, Monday na diay dinha karon, hehehe!)