Thursday, January 7, 2010

She wears ukay!

This is my 2nd younger sister. Her name is Janice. She is the only slim among the sisters. Do you know she used to be so fat when she was 1- 10 years old? A total opposite of me. haha. I asked her to pose for my blog to showcase the thrifted black dress bought by mom last christmas. Btw, my mom loves thrifting. I got this talent from her. Almost all of our Wednesday and Sunday attires in high school were from thrift stores.

That Natasha black&red purse is a gift to me from mom.
sandals: MSE

Notice the hole at the back. That is the reason why mom bought this dress. haha.

ay!dios ko day! baliktad ang purse.tsktsk.


toxic disco boy said...

taray ni ate! ^^

Unknown said...

awwww, love her lbd. liwat siya nimo jing, gwapa!

Ate Che said...

Ka-nindot sa dress, Jing! Your sister knows how to pose too ( bisan bali ang purse, don't worry dili klaro ;) ).

Mom Daughter Style said...

you and your sister are both pretty. ganda din ng black dress