Saturday, January 9, 2010



my father and his grandson. This is my favorite pic.




This is our first family beach outing for 2010. It's a tradition in the family to hit the beach every new year. I am again in love with this beach. It is pure and untouched. We have relatives who live nearby and they own a beach resort. They encouraged us to build a rest house in this place. why not poknot dba???hehehe


Mom Fashion World said...

hello jing!
ang daming post mo na na-miss ko, huh!
that photo of your father with your nephew is
so precious. i love kids so much!

nakakainggit naman ang bakasyon mo.
as in bakasyon engrande talaga ha.

toxic disco boy said...

wow. untouched. ganda ng beach teh! punta tayo jan...

Mom Fashion World said...

hello jinggay!
thanks for the comment.

Sarah A. said...

yes yes.. build a rest house, I agree much..
malay mo next Jarah's adventure dyan na..

San nga pala yan? Hehe :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

Your photos are stunning Jing. Ang ganda. I would like to go there.

Ate Che said...


I missed seeing coconuts and kaon ug butong. Don't u know that what they eat here is the one for making "tuno". Kagahi, di ba?

I think you have your Papa's face.Sarap imo bakasyon, Day! :)