Thursday, February 4, 2010

hi fashion award

I'm thanking Ate Cheryl of Adventures of Pinay Neska for passing me this hifashion award.
You gotta check her blog. You'll be amazed by her stories and experiences in Spain. And if you are planning to visit Spain,she can help you with lots of info. She's like a walking wikipedia(haha) and a proud Filipina. Mabuhay ka ate che! :)

And yey for another award. I love receiving awards, makes me happy indeed.
keep coming baby,keep coming.haha
and now I'm passing this award to these gorgeous fashion bloggers from the South :

Mike of Toxicdiscoboy
Eden of chic in the tropics
Betz of her armoire
Toni of perfumed red shoes
Rissa of sisterazzi
Gizelle of vanilla ice cream

They all speak Cebuano. I'm proud to be a Bisaya too!
thrifted jacket and bag

Good night world!


toxic disco boy said...

haha. apil ko. thanks yotch. ^^ hi fashion jud ta. ^^

Leah said...

Congrats Jing! Kaya pala di ako kasali kasi I don't speak bisaya. I will learn. Hahaha!

Leia said...

Yayy, congrats! :D

Ate Cheryl said...

You deserved it,Jing! :) Uy, mawala pa baya ko! The hubby is afraid to leave me in the middle of somewhere kay hadlok siya mawala ko although I have no problem finding the shops. hahaha!

Cute clutch, love the color blue too. ;)

PS: Will also click on these links. Hala go mga Bisaya! :)

Unknown said...

Go mga bisdak!!!! kita na jud! haha. salamat kaayo jing ha... super much! cute kaayo mo sa imong bf (for some reason, dili ko ganahan mutan-aw sa word na "uyab"... but then ako xang gitype. whatever). basta cute kaayo mo. so in love. awwwww... and of course, di jud palupig ang outfit nimo. winner kaayo!

Anonymous said...

wow Jing! salamat oyaak sa award! hala ui, makawindang ning mga awards dri sa blogosphere! makawindang in a good way of course! akong ngisi abot dunggan jud haha! :)

tinuod jud sulti ni betz, cute kau mo sa imong uyab.. gmingaw nuon ko sa ako haha :) oh and the bag! i love kaau!

thanks again Jing dear! mwah!