Sunday, February 21, 2010

let there be rain

It's so hot in Philippines these days. I remember 5 months ago we had abundance of water that killed hundreds of Filipinos (floodwater it is), but we have a shortage of it now. It's not raining since January and I even experience random power interruptions. Many farmers lost their agriculture due to lack of water. It's just so sad. Oh Lord, let there be rain. please???

Meanwhile, we decided to hit the swimming pool nearby just to cool down. Sakit sa ulo ang humidity sa Pilipinas. grabe!
thrifted Aeropostale shorts
thrifted Old Navy brown sando


Thank you Leia and for Sherin of HiFashion for the Smiley award and Toni of PerfumedRedShoes for the One Lovely Blog award. Big Hugs to you lovely ladies!




photos taken by Jeyson and Jonathan Ocay

Have a beautiful Sunday everyone!


Leah said...

Jing, mainit na ba? Summer na nga pagbalik ko yata. Happy weekend to you! xoxo

Sherin said...

You definitely deserve that award! I love your summery outfit. That bag is so cute.

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

yeah, it's really hot here na jud...
but then, here in cebu, we still get to experience rainshowers... good thing!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Andie said...

awesome shades
i super hate the weather right now

Nina said...

Hi Jing!

The pool is such a great answer to this drought of ours ... I just don't like wearing a swim suit, ha, ha, ha!

Those thrifted shorts from Aeropostale look so hip!

Unknown said...

nakadungog bitaw ko na super init jud daw diha. i'm thinking halo-halo now! for the people here, we say keep warm. for you, keep cool. =) bahala init, gwapa man gihapon. =)


vitaMinn style said...

Kawawa naman those people, will pray for rain in the Phils! Meanwhile, we're getting so much snow/slush here, hope we can ship these over!

Hope you had a fun day cooling off at the pool! =)

Elaine said...

Wow, no rain?? That's not good!

These pics are beautiful!


Amazing sunglasses !

Cherie said...

it is starting to get hot na nga.. I love your shade and its my first time in your blog :)

Unknown said...

aaahhhh sinabi mo pa. But soon naghapon na dito lumalamig na ulit. Just stay indoors na lang. Ang sakit ng araw sa balat.

You look so summery in your outfit.

I am Denise Katipunera

Mom Fashion World said...

Wow, summer na summer na nga jan talaga.
I miss the hot weather, noh.
Jinggay, where did you get those sunglasses?
i loveee it!

Sara Bow said...

ohh wow i lovvee your glasses :D

you look so cute !


Jing Ocay said...

thank you for your kind comments guys.
these sunglasses are borrowed pala from Mike...hehe

Anonymous said...

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