Tuesday, April 20, 2010

hundred islands getaway


hundred islands

hundred islands

hundred islands

hundred islands
btw, I found this Chanel top in one of my favorite thrift stores for only 2 dollars. just got lucky!

hundred islands

My friends and I haven't taken a break for some time now and the idea of having a beach getaway or something like it made us more excited. Last summer we hit Zambales and discovered the beauty of Anawangin cove and Capones Island and for this year we decided to go North, way way up to Pangasinan. We really wanted to see those hundred islands since they were always mentioned in "Sibika at Kultura" as part of "Magagandang Tanawin sa Pilipinas".
Indeed, those hundred islands are truly wonderful!

We did island hopping, kayaking, snorkeling, swimming, picture taking, etc.
It feels so good to be with your closest friends on a summer getaway!
We had so much fun!!!


Leah said...

Jing, love the Chanel top... bongga. Kakainggit naman kayo, ang saya. At yung polka dot beauty sa tabi, kaagaw mo sa eksena ha. xoxo

maria carneri said...

Omg! beautiful place! I would like to be there!

Elaine said...

Soo jealous!! HOpe you're having fun!

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Nicole Jarecz said...

i want to be there right about now! the pictures are so beautiful. ive never seen water that blue before!


Mom Daughter Style said...

i've been there once. It was totally beautiful except sa super init.

Continue enjoying life =)

Dressing Up For Me said...

Hindi pa ko nakapunta diyan. Ang saya niyo, maka-ibog ba! ;)

Love your outfit, Jing. Chanel top at 2$? Wa ko sey no, Dai! Ang mga kalo ba libre? So colorfu, huh. :)

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

hala, i hope i'll get to hundred islands on of these days! i'm such a sucker for good beaches...i can just imagine myself rolling on those white sands...hehe.

love the dress in your profile pic jing! where's the post for that?

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Denise said...

hahaha nice top!I like it!and wow hundres islands is so pretty! Oh and I love black too!:)

Melai said...

Hi Jing! Thrift lover too? Yey! Dumadami na tayo :)I e-mailed you pala ^_^ What links do you want us to exchange? I'm open to anything. I just don't know what links, I don't have a lot though. Thanks for dropping by!


CĂ©lin J. said...

What a wonderful sun ! :D


Chelsea said...

That looks like paradise. I need a getaway asap.

My Life in Style

Anonymous said...

i am beyond envious again, Jing! wa pajud ko katamak ug dagat, day!
your floppy hats are cute!
oh and i love your bag!

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Leia said...

sounds like fun!

Cherie said...

i'm glad you enjoyed hundred islands jing! from the looks of your pictures, it was a lot of fun. lovin the chanel top on you :)

Sabina said...

This looks like SO much fun!! Absolutely love it :)) I feel like I just visited some very very sunny place and lay on the beach for a while - that's how good this post made me feel :)) I'd love to be there right now!!!!!
If you have the time, check out my blog and definitely feel free to comment or even follow? :)))

Sabina said...

I thought it must be the Philippines - my friend comes from there and the beaches are just too good to be true! :)) I've seen so many pictures, definitely a place I'd like to visit :))
I know! I've seen Shutter Island when it came out and it was very good! :)) Also a very strong movie. I used to think he's just a pretty boy, but he's quite brilliant actually. And he nailed the African accent in Blood diamond, don't you think? :))
Following now! :)

so jade said...

These were great. Thanks for warming up my dreary day!


Such AMAZING pictures. Man, it's raining and dreary and blah here - and that looks AMAZING. I'm so envious.

Send me some sun?

I'd say "have fun" -- but I know you will!


rjs mama said...

would love to visit hundred islands one of these days! looove your outfits :)

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