Wednesday, September 1, 2010

pain and laughter

warning: this will be a super picture heavy post. hehe 

I'm back after more than 2 weeks of busy and sick days. Two weekends ago, Jonathan and I experienced one of the greatest tests of life. Struggle it was. Saturday, he suffered from high fever and cough. I had to take care of him since we both live by ourselves. I was so worried because his temperature got worse. I cooked soup for him and gave him a power massage. Thank God he felt better Sunday morning. Then came Sunday afternoon and my head ached like hell. I began to shiver and my body was so painful that my boyfriend couldn't even touch me to give me a massage. At 7pm, my temp was so high then I knew I had fever. Jonathan took care of me the whole night. He wasn't able to get a good sleep because according to him, I was murmuring words while sleeping. He was too worried and decided to take me to the hospital. But I refused because I hate the thought of staying/sleeping in the hospital and also, I have never been confined ever. I don't wanna break that just because of my stupid fever. The next day, I felt better,fever no more. But until now, I am still suffering from dry cough. :((
And that's our story of "in sickness and in health." It is one of those days that you miss your parent's/mother's caress and care especially when you are sick. We live miles away from our family so we only have each other to rely on. Thanks bibs for everything. I love you. 

Then last weekend, we decided to make up for the lost time last last weekend because of our sickness. We always make sure the every weekend is an enjoyable one because that's the only time we're together. So we spent our Saturday in Tagaytay and in Nuvali. Tagaytay is our ultimate getaway place. We love to see beautiful houses and scenic views in this very peaceful place. 

Here's Tagaytay's newest family destination, Memory Lane. It is owned by Jolina Magdangal.It is very homey and 50s and 60s inspired resthouse turned into restaurant-gift shop-beauty salon in one.

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Whenever we go to Tagaytay, we never fail to visit Nuvali where nature and people thrive ;)
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Mary Ann said...

aw. I hope you both feel better now.BI think part of making a strong relationship--is that you'd be able to take care of each other when ur sick---

nice to have you back again girl,=)

Dressing Up For Me said...


Ka-cute sa last picture ninyong duha. Ipa-frame kuno na. ;)

Basin ug nag-flu ka Jing kay natakdan ka ni boyf.Ingon ana gud na, sharing is everything including the virus. Joke!

Anyway, I´m with you with the ¨mother thing¨when we get sick. Sa katigulang nako when I had chicken pox last summer, I was asking for my mom and so it´s perfectly natural that you´re wishing that your Mom´s with you too.

Anyway since novel na ni, just want to tell you that I´m glad that you´re feeling better now and I love your striped top. Yun lang pow. ;)

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

hala jing..i'm glad both you and your boyf are okay na. that was scary jud. i can't imagine not having my mom near when i'm sick..

i wanna' go to tagaytay!

♥ vanilla ice cream ♥

Pinch of thoughts said...

Hi Jing! good to hear na okay na ikaw! Lapit kami sa Nuvali sayang di tayo nagkita hehehe, take care!

Meream said...

Glad you're better and that your boyf took care of you. :)

And that house is too cute!Who knew Jolina has good taste? Haha

Beckerman Girls said...

THANK goodness you are both okay now! Holy smokes..that's scary having such a high fever! Looks like you had a wonderful trip filled with lots of great memories! GRRREAT photos!kisses
xoThe Beckerman Girls

toxic disco boy said...

i hope you're both doing well. ^^ see you soon.

Bionica said...

girl such beautiful pictures!!!!
glad to know that you are doing better =)
and cute top


Cherie said...

hi jing, i hope you're feeling a whole lot better by now ;)

btw, i love the pics, especially the charming cottage house. and bagay na bagay yung outfit mo sa Nuvali, very nautical inspired :)

Stevia said...

The place looks awesome!
And I love ur stripes tee :)

fledgling said...

what an amazingly beautiful setting!

maxwell conrad