Friday, October 29, 2010

let's bring the past back

I found these photos in my friendster account. These were taken 3 years ago as part of our yearbook. 
And look what photoshop can do! haha
I was slim before. well, less chubby than what I am now. hihi

informal shot
creative shot daw. got the idea from a magazine cover. feelingera!
group shot with my computer science buddies.
And that's Mike over there!

Have an enjoyable long weekend everyone! 

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

at long last

Finally, I have moved in to a new apartment. I can't wait to call it a home. But my body hurts bigtime and I need a good sleep to function well. And these futon mattresses are so comfortable and relaxing. I think I'm into Japanese inspired bedroom. ganun talaga pag walang bed.haha.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

the big move

Next week I will be moving in to a new place. I have transfered from one apartment to another but this is the most significant one. When I saw the apartment, I fell in love right away. The place and neighborhood is just perfect and peaceful. And the rental fee is not expensive as I have expected. I am already making a list of what to do before the big move. Lots of things to do here. Thank God, boyfriend is always there to help.

I will miss my old apartment, especially my land lady. She is the best land lady one could ever have! When she learned that I will be moving out, she said "Bakit sa lahat ng aalis, si Jing pa.". that was so awwwww. hehe

big move big move
havaianas slippers, Aropostale  shorts,Donna belt,thrifted shirt

Friday, October 8, 2010

of roads and fields

Early this week, we went to Batangas for an important event and took the shortest way to avoid traffic. Along the narrow road of that rural place, we came across the farmlands and ranches and I was astonished when we passed by a breathtakingly wonderful golf and country club. I remembered we have a friend from Japan who wants to tour Philippines in a few months and part of his plans is to play golf, so we inquired for golf rates and took the chance to take photos of the paradise.

I love places like this. Perfect escape from a busy city life.I would love to come back and enjoy leisure and recreational activities. The cool fresh mountain breeze will definitely make 
you feel comfortable and rejuvenated! 
click here to see website
golf  golf pool golf golf golf 
and yehes...we wore pastel colors. 

Monday, October 4, 2010

videoke and an award

Last Saturday, we attended our dear friend Aika's videoke birthday party at Center Stage, Timog. It's been a long time since I held a microphone and sang like Jennifer Lopez.Let's get Loud baby! We have had hours of fun singing along with modern songs,love songs, dance hits,even the classic Tagalog songs and all our favorites.That was really fun! This makes me miss my Sunday videoke bonding with my family back home.

I would like to thank Ate Che of for sharing the HAPPY 101 award. 
And as part of it I'm gonna share 10 things that makes me happy.

thrifting - what can I say,it's heaven
flat shoes - been collecting flat shoes these comfy and cool
wedges - I am a vertically challenged person, so I need them.haha
QT with family and boyfriend 
good movies - my weekend therapy
session with my gang/friends - full of fun and laughter
travel/adventures - i'm a mobile
photo shoot for my blog 
nail polish - i want my nails clean and alive 
money - because i can buy anything I want
aking's bday 
shorts:Old Navy, vintage bag:thrifted, jacket:thrifted, black sleeveless top:thrifted, flats :OTTO
aking's bday aking's bday 
my boyfriend turned 27 last September 30.  Belated happy birthday bibs! 
aking's bday aking's bday aking's bday