Friday, October 29, 2010

let's bring the past back

I found these photos in my friendster account. These were taken 3 years ago as part of our yearbook. 
And look what photoshop can do! haha
I was slim before. well, less chubby than what I am now. hihi

informal shot
creative shot daw. got the idea from a magazine cover. feelingera!
group shot with my computer science buddies.
And that's Mike over there!

Have an enjoyable long weekend everyone! 


Maria said...

hahaha nalingaw ko ni mike! :D
you look so fab and yes very slim jing.. perfect skin and hair pud! and the one with the flower, sooo virgin! hahaha

Kasia W. said...

nice pics;)

Stevia said...

I love your hair!
it's very Nicole Richie in a way..


Maria said...

jing kauban namo ni aking ug balay? asa man dapit inyo place uy..session na pud ta ba!hehe. btw kadtung masab.itan ug bags daghan na sa ace hardware.. :)

Mom Daughter Style said...

so pretty!

ako din sana di dumami ang bilbil ko haha. pero pretty ka parin naman kahit ngayon

Dressing Up For Me said...

Wow, Jing! Guapa kaayo ka ani, dear. :) You should keep these use them as your inspiration photos to get slimmer. Kaya mo yan, Jing! ;)