Monday, October 4, 2010

videoke and an award

Last Saturday, we attended our dear friend Aika's videoke birthday party at Center Stage, Timog. It's been a long time since I held a microphone and sang like Jennifer Lopez.Let's get Loud baby! We have had hours of fun singing along with modern songs,love songs, dance hits,even the classic Tagalog songs and all our favorites.That was really fun! This makes me miss my Sunday videoke bonding with my family back home.

I would like to thank Ate Che of for sharing the HAPPY 101 award. 
And as part of it I'm gonna share 10 things that makes me happy.

thrifting - what can I say,it's heaven
flat shoes - been collecting flat shoes these comfy and cool
wedges - I am a vertically challenged person, so I need them.haha
QT with family and boyfriend 
good movies - my weekend therapy
session with my gang/friends - full of fun and laughter
travel/adventures - i'm a mobile
photo shoot for my blog 
nail polish - i want my nails clean and alive 
money - because i can buy anything I want
aking's bday 
shorts:Old Navy, vintage bag:thrifted, jacket:thrifted, black sleeveless top:thrifted, flats :OTTO
aking's bday aking's bday 
my boyfriend turned 27 last September 30.  Belated happy birthday bibs! 
aking's bday aking's bday aking's bday


Pinch of thoughts said...

hi Jing! am loving flats these days too heheh...ur bibs is cute ha! hmmm you look good together, enjoy!

Maria said...

lingaway jud ang bijoke jing! :D

Mary Ann said...

love the flats girl!!!

Dressing Up For Me said...

I´m most happy when I have money too!hahaha! We´re the same, Jing I also collect flats even if I´m verticaly challenged. :)

Cute lagi imo flats, nag-match pa sa imuhang top. ;)


-Ate Che-

PS: Cute ni Mike sa 1st group photo niyo.

Meream said...

I will definitely not complain about having money FOR thrifting. haha

Bionica said...

aww videoke fun!!!!
btw your jacket is so fab
luv it =)


Elaine said...

How fun!! You guys are adorable!

CLOTHED MUCH, a modest fashion blog

Cherie said...

hi jing! the videoke party looks super fun!

xo, cherie of Parade of Dresses