Friday, December 3, 2010

books and reading

these photos were taken about 1 month ago.
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Parisian bag, Havaianas slippers,thrifted skirt,thrifted Chanel top

I have come up with a New Year's Resolution already. That is, to READ and INVEST on books. I really wish I was a bookworm when I was young. I regret I did not encourage myself to read  books before. I only read books needed to boost academic standing. I did tried a novel but it took months and even years for me to finish it. Imagine that. I easily get tired while reading and it puts me to sleep. Whenever I have hard time sleeping, I just grab one and poof! i'm asleep. haha. 

It's never too late. I have to fix myself and start reading. 
How about you? are you an avid reader? If so, can you recommend a good book? I'll try my best to hunt them at book stores. hehe
Thanks in advance!


Pinch of thoughts said...

hi! Jing, love your dress here! i'm not a book reader too, preho tayo sister, ginagawa ko lang sleeping pill ang book hahah but am starting one right now,the "twilight" o di ba? huling huli na sa uso nasa umpisa pa lang ako hehhe kisses!

Unknown said...

Hi ate Jing! Erich Segal's books are my favorites! If you're just starting, try to read yung mga maninipis lang muna (consider as your acclimatization period haha) if there is one more important thing i want to tell you (and other readers as well) don't have second thoughts on buying used books (old or new it still has the same story in it, just check the # of pages first haha)

Isabeau Jane said...

i love thrift shopping both for clothes and books! i have a long list of to read books stacked in my room. ehhe have fun reading!

Anonymous said...

Book sale na ta, Te Jing! :))

Mary Ann said...

I'm an addict reader Jing,=) two sides of the wall of my room in the prov is covered with my collection,^^, not to mention the 4 boxes I have here in Manila now.

Thank God for Booksale---I get cheaper prices from there. Pero if new release tlg, Powerbooks and National Bookstores are my fave hunt, ^^.

Depends on your interest, if u like reading romance novels--I say go for J. Macnaught or Jill Barnett.

I have another blog where I plan to feature some fab books I've read, send ko sau link if naipost ko n, ^^.

Mary Ann said...

Oh, and I have a collection of Ebooks too! ^^, like 10,000 titles or more na ata, =)

michelle_ said...

Love ur dress!
Lovely blog u have :)

Dressing Up For Me said...

I was an avid reader and a novel collector but when I moved here nawala na.heheh!

Have to bring back that habit again becaue reading cultivates the mind.

That´s a very important NY´s resolution , Jing! I totally support you on that. :)

By the way, cute halter dress, very slimming. ;)

Mom Fashion World said...

I read book too to make me falls asleep easily.
When I was young I was too lazy to read books, now I regret but I agree with you, it's not too late pra madagdagan ang word vocabulary. LOL!

Becky Tjandera said...

I thought it was a dress ! Haha . Lovely bag :) Novels by Sophie Kinsella are always my favorites . So easy to read !

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

I think that's a great new years resolution! I love reading - I made an effort of buying a bunch of books earlier this year x

Meream said...

It's definitely never too late to be a bookworm. It's an amazing world we live in, us bookworms. We welcome you with the biggest hug! Haha

I sound silly. :D

aika castillo said...

jing nindut jud lagi ning imong mga bags! tsktsk