Friday, December 17, 2010

just random thoughts

thrifted dress, thrifted shoes
  • Been so lazy taking outfit photos these days. And this one's taken few months ago using my friend's camera.
  • I'm currently addicted to Criminal Minds, How I met your mother and Nikita.
  • The music of Lemar, Train and Keane are in loop for 3 days now.
  • I'm searching for good movies filmed in Italy. I want to know you more, Bella Italia!
  • I'm thinking if I'll have my hair relaxed, permed or untouched. :)
  • I hope my 2011 will be full of travels and adventures.
  • 8 days before Christmas!  


Dressing Up For Me said...

Cute dress, Jing! If you want a classic holiday movie, try Audrey Hepburn´s Roma Holiday.

Jamie-Lee Burns said...

Cute outfit darling - and love that your shoes aren't black!

Yay xmas is so soon :)

dotie said...

I'm addicted to "How I met Your Mother" as that show!
cute look btw :)

eclectic du jour

Pinch of thoughts said...

hi Jinggay! i wanna borrow your dress hehhe good find you have there..PS-i love your natural curly hair (am dying to have that kind of hair)..kisses!