Monday, December 20, 2010

last minute

OTTO flats,Parisian bag, thrifted top and shorts

Last minute shopping is not a good idea especially when you are living in Metro Manila. Last Saturday, we went to the mall to buy gifts for my loved ones. We spent almost 1 hour in parking area looking for vacant space. The mall was too crowded that you could easily bump into somebody. And falling in line, a very long line, to pay for the items was so stressful. So again, I have learned my lesson: Have your Christmas shopping done earlier. 
Merry Christmas Everyone!


Meream said...

'Tis why I did most of my Christmas shopping online.

Happy Tuesday! :)

Mary Ann said...

So true Jing, So True! ^^

I love your top,=)

Jed - I Am Dollparts said...

looking casual and chic! love it! great top and bag too! =)

I Am DollParts

Dressing Up For Me said...

Amen! Good thing also that you´re wearing a very comfy outfit. ;)

Bionica said...

Merry Christmas Jing!!!
you look fab
love the leaopard & white


dotie said...

yikes! holiday shoppers can be crazy..that's probably why I like to do my shopping online :)

eclectic du jour

Maria said...

day i miss you.

merry christmas diha ug happy new year!

uist gihatagan takag award. honest scrap thingy man to. hehe. maon na to ako gift. charot!hahaha

inum ta pag balik ninyo hap.

Eunice said...

hi dear join my first giveaway! :)

Sharina said...

I suffered the same Christmas rush during the holidays! :) Next year Ill be shopping months earlier! Happy new year Jing!

Unknown said...

i love your leopard top! last minute shopping is really stressful but yay for the holidays!