Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Ten days to go and I'm home. Actually, boyfriend and Louie (a close friend of mine) planned to have land trip from Manila - Davao for EXPERIENCE. Imagine you will be sitting in the bus for like 48 hours. Scary,I know. I tried it before and it was so tiring and uncomfortable and I promised never to try it again. NEVER. But there's one good thing about traveling by bus, that is to see the beauty of  Mt. Mayon and San Juanico Bridge. So boyfriend begged me to accompany him in this journey. For LOVE, I agreed to go and thought it would be enjoyable since I will be with my two dear friends. Unfortunately, there's no more tickets available. So we have no choice but to take the plane. And Oh My Good LOrd, the fare is freakin' high already. One trip costs more than 4,000php when I usually just spend 2-3k for a trip. Lesson learned : book flights 3 months earlier.Well, what's important is I will be home this Christmas and that's PRICELESS!

Anyways, I'm trying on lipstick nowadays. I don't like to color my lips before but now I'm a convert. Just like nail polish, I want to collect different colors.lol. 


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Mary Ann said...

hi Jing!
yes sistah, dpt tlg months b4 pabook na,=)

I love the first color,^^ I don't wear lipstick din kc, hehe,hanggang lip balms/tints lng ako hehe

Bionica said...

well that rosey color looks great on you =)


Pinch of thoughts said...

well i'll tell u now Jing, u look good in lipsticks hehhe try bloody red, my fave hehhe..enjoy being with your family ading!

Cherie said...

im loving the nude/soft pink color on you :) i wear different lipsticks for different moods hehe. merry christmas!

Gizelle Faye | Vanilla Ice Cream said...

jing! thanks for posting my giveaway!

the lip color looks great on you! and my gawd, i can't imagine sitting in a bus for 48 hours...haha.

have a great christmas at home jing! :D

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Dressing Up For Me said...

You´re right,for a much cheaper price there´s a need to book the flight several months ahead especially during the xmas season. Pero okay lang coz you´re going home naman so worth lang gihapon whatever the price is. ;)

Lovely lip color, Jing! That´s the usual color that I´d choose too. :)