Friday, January 28, 2011

one book at a time

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I was surprised this Mang Inasal's 3 scoop of ice cream only costs 12 php. cool!

I can't believe I finished reading the book (South of the Border:West of the sun) in just one week. This may sound weird for readers out there, but hey I don’t read books and when I read one it takes a year or so to finish it.So a week is an achievement for me already. The book is actually an easy read. Anyone can easily comprehend the words chosen by Murakami. I'm not good in giving book reviews but I recommend this book. Among the characters, I love Yukiko the most.

So that's it for my January read. Now I'm searching a book for February. Suggestions,anyone?  

Have a happy weekend!


Mary Ann said...

hi Jing---I didn't even know they had ice cream there, ^^,I'd try it out next time.,^^

Abbie♥ said...

nothing beats reading the classics! specially now that it's almost the love month.♥

btw, mang inasal has ice cream?! i better try that out! :D

Jing Ocay said...

ann and abbie: im not sure sa ibang branch pero sa libertad meron. ;)

Mary Ann said...

Hi Jing---I thought kc the one they have in PRC Pasong tamo is display lang hihi---

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Meream said...

Yay Murakami. He's a genius. His words SING! :)


wow i didnt know they have icecream. i usually order chiken petso and an ice tea lng. waaaa and a scoop of three @ 12php is a great deal!!! Thanks for sharing!!

Harija said...

Hey... just wanted to say - you have an amazing blog!