Monday, June 6, 2011

birthday treat

Last Saturday, I met up with my friends to celebrate the birthday of our two dear friends, Mike and Eric. We had a drinking session and a good talk like there's no tomorrow. I always love hanging out with these people.So smart and funny. We were also so excited to see Mike because we haven't seen him for months. He's been very busy with his Paradign Shift and fashion shows. We are truly proud of him! Thank you yotch and Eric for the treat.

check the outfit of Mike! BUNGGA!
And from the bottom of my heart I would like to thank you guys for visiting my blog. 101 readers-I love it. I'm so amazed. I hope you won't get tired of Plojing. *wink*
top, shorts: thrifted ; shoes: Janilyn
Introducing my new baby. A brown messenger bag. It's thrifted and brand is Perfetto. I have no idea about the brand but the quality is so good. I love everything about this bag. Happy ME! 


Victoria Jin said...

really like the shoes and bag :)

Alexandria said...

Hey there, we probably have the same first name :)

follow each other? I just did

Maria said...

hala karun lang ko kita ani na post. charing starring pud ko. hahaha. i really love your bag jing! alam na. :)

Ayieh said...

WoW!!! what a great find!!! love love