Saturday, July 30, 2011

Manila Zoo

My first visit in Manila Zoo was 8 years ago with my high school friends. We were exploring Manila then and we were "bagong salta". I still can vividly remember what we did and I enjoyed that memorable first time.

Now, news has been spreading about the zoo. PETA and some people wanted Mayor Lim to close it. Jonathan's curiosity began to sprout. He wanted to know what's the real deal so I accompanied him a few weekends ago. I was surprised at the big change. 8 years ago, this place was so active with lots of people strolling and animals were alive and kicking. Now, I can only see very few animals and the place is untidy. The condition of the animals is poor. I really hope this place will be restored because it is one of the education places in Manila. I still believe Mayor Lim will do something to save our beloved Manila Zoo.
the colorful peacock
this elephant is the main attraction of Manila Zoo. He's really BIG and friendly. ;)
no. it's not Burnham. it's the Manila Zoo Boating Lake. so dirty na rin :(
my necklace as foreground and jonathan as background
this pizza from the nearby canteen is cheap and yummy. nagutom kami sa kalalakad.
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And that was my Manila Zoo Adventure part 2. (^=^)


Mary Ann said...

ok, don't laugh but the first time I went there was just earlier this year! ^^,

Nakakaawa na ung condition ng mga animals, promise, esp the elephant, maiyak iyak nga ako the first tym I saw him...his habitat is no where near sa natural habitat dpt ng elephant...puro concrete dba,wala man lng grassy ground area or something

Cherie said...

i love your bright yellow top!

last time i went to manila zoo was about 5 years ago and even then the conditions were apalling.. i saw kids who poke animals and throw water bottles sa enclosure ng elephant...

Stevia said...

i love the hat! :)

so sad about the animals :(
hopefully the government will give a boost of fund to save the zoo
i hate when animals get hurt!


Bionica said...

I hope the zoo gets better =)
very nice pictures
and I love your outfit!!!


Dressing Up For Me said...

Ako the first and last time I was there was about 10 years ago and you´re right, daghan pang tawo atong mga panahuna. Too bad the place now looks so pitiful and unkempt.

Buting na lang your yellow top brightened the zoo surroundings! ;)

Pinch of thoughts said...

better go there again heheh..loving your bright yellow top Jing!

sittie rainie limba said...

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