Sunday, September 25, 2011


Morning everyone!
Dahil hindi ako tinamad mgblog,I'm going to share more photos of my trip.Today's post is about the famous restaurant in Palawan - The Kalui Restaurant. Your trip wouldn't be complete if you don't visit and dine in this cool place. They have this unique style. The place is so cozy and beautiful. It is full of paintings and native designs. I was amazed kasi you have to walk barefoot as you enter the place. I don't mind na nakapaa because the floor is very clean and well polished. naalala ko tuloy bahay namin na walang kasig kintab ang sahig.haha. I was so giddy and excited to try their foods. Our waiter is handsome and he has a voice like of a DJ. Kinilig kami sa boses nya.haha. While waiting for our orders, we took advantage of the place. We saw this very cute sala and took photos of every corner of the resto. 
Here's me nakapose galore.

Photobucket Photobucket 
Foods are the best! Since we want to get rid of pork and Manila food, we ordered seafood and vegetables. 
sizzling seafood sisig
seafood kangkong
tempura kaka all-veggies
dessert. this is for free. 
us, so hungry and excited to lamon. we ate sumptuously.
they have this amazing collection of paintings. 
would you believe this is the restroom? ganda sobra. pede na maging bedroom.haha
So guys, if you happen to visit Puerto Princessa, you should not miss this restaurant. I strongly recommend.
It's a must visit.  At lahat na. ;)

         see more photos of my Palawan trip here.


Cherie said...

jing, ang cute ng polka dot tunic mo! i've never been to palawan but planning to go sa january. I'll check out this restaurant too!

love maye said...

nice nice to be here sometime..=)

Pinch of thoughts said...

wow! Jing, long time no look hehhe..mishu ading and you're getting prettier and prettier and that polka tunic of

Dressing Up For Me said...

I missed eating grilled pusit! Stuffed ba yan, Jing?

Uy by the way, you´re so IN, ha. ;) Polka dots are so trendy these days! Pretty ka kaayo with that dress, Jing. :)