Saturday, November 12, 2011


I've been to a number eat-all-you-can restaurants and I must say Yakimix is the best so far. Yesterday, Jonathan and I celebrated our 4th year anniversary. And since we both love food(ebidensya ang katawan), we decided to celebrate it in a little fancy restaurant.(Gusto ko sana sa Paris but wala kami moolah, so sa Makati na lng.hahaha.)We were searching for a good one via is like a database of reviews, menus, promos and list of restaurants in Philippines. You might wanna check it for reference.  Anyways, we read good reviews about Yakimix so we decided to try it ourselves. Jonathan made a phone call few days before the dinner to make a reservation but staff said there's no need for reservation any longer, we just have to come early on Friday. Come Friday. Jonathan arrived at Greenbelt earlier than me 'coz my workday ends at 6 o'clock. He came 5:30 only to find out that all tables are occupied and we are 7th on the list of waiting customers. We patiently waited and finally at 7:30, we were ushered to our table. I'm glad we acquired the best spot. Worth the wait,indeed!

Hungry and excited, we happily filled our plates with different types of sushi, sashimi and other Japanese food. Jonathan grilled raw fish, barbecue and some sea food. It's the grilling part that he's in to.
The food in buffet area consists of Japanese, Cantonese and Korean dishes. They also serve some Filipino food like Lechon Kawali, stuffed amapalaya, mushrooms, kangkong something and more.

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After the heavy and main dishes, we headed back to buffet area to grab some desserts.
There is a wide selection of cakes, cookies and pastries. 
And this Leche Flan is so delicious. I haven't eaten leche flan for a long time. wow.
and of course scoops of ice cream to end our meal.

We went home happy and satisfied. We strongly recommend Yakimix. Food is delicious. Ambience is good and the service is surprisingly great.  

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aika castillo said...

jing lamiay tan awon ang pics. i dont fancy japanese food pero gusto ko mutry ani da. murag yummylicious. magfoodtrip ta one of these days beh.