Saturday, January 21, 2012

birthday 2012

Jonathan gifted me this pair of Shoes. Thank you,bibs!
Last Monday, my officemates surprised me with a birthday cake and greetings. They are the sweetest. I was stormed by their preparation. I didn't expect it. Then after work, my boyfriend and I went to church to hear mass. It was just a simple celebration of my birthday. Here's to another year of experience. =D

p.s. Thank you to those who greeted! ;)


aika castillo said...

jing happy birthday again. hope you had a blast! =D

Dianne said...

Hope you had a wonderful birthday :)

another day to wander

missy shugah said...

oh wow!!!! happy birthday to you@ :*
ps: you're getting sexier my dear!

Dressing Up For Me said...

Jing, belated happy birthday! Ang sweet naman ni ¨Bibs¨ mo kay gihatagan ka ug shoes. ;)

Stay pretty! :)