Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Love Dove

I'm not blessed with shiny and perfect hair. Mine is dry and frizzy that's why naka-ilang beses din akong ngparebond/relax. Hassle and gastos much. Then I tried the new Dove Hair Care Conditioner (parang commercial lang teh). It works wonders. My hair feels smooth and moisturized. I have never felt this satisfied ever sa conditioner. So now I'm sticking to Dove.  Super na-overwhelmed ako at blinog ko xa and I even recommend it to my  friends and officemates. haha. Dove should pay me for 

p.s. I'm using the gold one. 

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Dressing Up For Me said...

Hi, Jing! I can´t remember if I´ve used the shampoo but I use Dove soap. :)

Musta na?