Sunday, July 29, 2012


You know I have an intimate relationship with thrifting. It's part of my life already. Just throw me a few bucks and I'm good to go. I can spend half of my life visiting different thrift shops. Oh the pleasure of finding treasure out of people's junk. But hey, my finds are as good as new.Swear.chos.

And so I'm happy to announce that I have finally put up my own online thrift store. I named her KOIMODA.
Koimoda is derived from words "koi" and "moda". Koi is a japanese word for love and moda is a spanish word for fashion. Since I have great love for fashion, I combined the two words and came up with koimoda. hahaha. anggulo ko.God knows how difficult it was for us to think of a store's name. Three weeks. Three weeks kaming nghanap/ngisip ng name.And finally we're sticking to "koimoda". 

So there you have it. My online store that sells thrifted items especially handpicked by me. I will be uploading new finds from time to time. I hope you guys will support me on this project. You can share the good news to your friends too. *winks*



Dressing Up For Me said...


I wish you lots of success on your new on-line thrift store! :)

- Ate Che-

Bionica said...

Hey Jing, congratulations on your own online store!!!
can't wait to see those fab finds =)


Izzonet Store Builder said...

That’s a great name, actually. It’s catchy and I’m sure the meaning of those combined words can already make an impression – that it is indeed a shop for us fashion-lovers out there! Good luck!